Welcome to my blog! 
When reading my blog I hope to support and inspire you with my thoughts. Blogging has inspired me to make a difference and not to have a fear of standing out and it's something that I would like to do more of, because the feeling of making people feel better about themselves and feeling confident is a feeling like no other. I like to take blogging very seriously.

So a little bit about myself: 
My name is Jessica. I am 22 years old and currently living in England, UK. I was inspired to start blogging by a few well known YouTubers and now I'm here. I have many talents that I like to share on my blog, some things aren't always perfect, but I can say I tried. 
In the near future I hope to become successful blogger and also like to have my own makeup range. 
I'd love to travel the world to places such as New York, California, Australia and even Canada. The thought of new places and experiences would be amazing, and to share the adventures with you would be even more amazing. 

'When the world says "Give up" hope whispers "Try one more time".'

If you'd like to contact me please email me: jessicarachelxo@outlook.com

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Happy reading! 

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  1. Great to read about you. Your blog is lovely!

    Abby - teenagehomedder.blogspot.com


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