25 June 2017

Life Update

Hello Strangers!

I decided to write a blog post updating you on my current life updates. I haven't written a blog post for quite sometime now as YouTube has taken over everything. Anyway, if you're subscribed to my YouTube channel you'll know that I post every Sunday. Recently I mentioned in two videos that things may be changing. For this, I'd like to tell you... I GOT A NEW JOB! It's absolutely crazy. I've gotten my DREAM JOB 🎉 I've gone from being part time in a supermarket to being full time in my dream job! So at the moment I'm not sure how blogging and YouTube schedules are looking but if you follow my Twitter you'll definitely be the first to know about anything! I just wanted to let you all know why I may be quiet for a bit but once everything is sorted I'll be back to scheduling as per...

So what is my job?
I'm providing content for social media for 5 popular makeup brands. Not 1...5! I've just finished my first week and if I'm honest...it's INSANE. A good insane... An unbelievable feeling... Is this real life?
My feelings are basically through the roof. I can't believe how lucky I am right now.
I hope you understand the reasons why my content might not be as frequent but I shall try my hardest to keep everything updated.


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  1. Wow!! Such an amazing achievement - seriously so happy for you :)

    Alice //The Rose Glow


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