27 August 2016

The Body Shop Haul

As I've mentioned before, The Body Shop is my number one skin care range that I will always go to. I've tried many High Street products, but The Body Shop seems to have that oomph of care that I need. In this post I thought I'd share with you some of the products I purchased from one of my mums friends parties. I was so excited to receive my items and couldn't wait to use them straight away! We got some free gifts that we shared between each other as well which I'll also be showing you.

I purchased the following:

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser 
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner

The Body Shop recently released a Tea Tree range which I've been thinking about a lot since it's release. I personally am not a huge fan of Tea Tree due to the smell but I really wanted to try something from their range. I decided to go with the simple cleanser and toner as I use these a LOT. I really must say I am impressed. The cleanser is so cleansing and leaves your skin feeling soft and clear. The toner really makes your skin feel clean and healthy. In all honesty, minus the smell, I think I might use these two products a lot more than my other ones that I've been using.

* Seaweed Oil-Control Lotion Moisturiser 

This is an absolute holy grail! Admittedly I never took notice of this range because just 'SEAWEED' yeah... 😂 Well as the saying goes 'You can't not like something unless you try it' So I decided to try something small from this range. I'm really impressed with this product as well. IT DOESN'T SMELL OF SEAWEED 🎉 that was my main concern and because of this, I'm now going to investigate their other products in this range! A little bit goes a long way with this product which is good. I love this product so much because it definitely controls the oils on my skin. In the Summer my skin becomes more oily and since using this product I've found that my skin isn't as oily so I've been using this a lot more in my skin care routine. It also has SPF 15 PA++ which provides moderate protection from the sun.

* Big and Curly Mascara 

This product was actually given to us as a gift for spending over a certain amount. I'm quite picky when it comes to mascaras. I've only tried this mascara once as I'm currently still hooked to my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara so I'm not too sure what I think of this product yet. I find that The Body Shop makeup isn't raved about as much as other makeup brands so it's difficult to know what some products are like. I will try and get into a habit of using this product more and hopefully I can use it more often.

* Massager

You know when you've spent, lets say... £24.00 all together and if you spend over £30.00 you get certain products for free so you look around trying to find something for just a few pounds extra to get the free gift? Well this little massager done me that and it's the best thing I've ever purchased! It was one of the first things I tried when the package came. I was rolling it around my face and I fell in love! It's so relaxing and feels like heaven. I just had to pick it up and massage my face now because talking about it makes me want to do it haha! I now can't wait for a proper pamper evening and include this massager in my routine.

* Duo Eye Definer 

This was another free item we got. Personally I'm not a fan of pencil eyeliners and I think it's because I've used liquid eyeliner for so long now that I can't go back to using pencil. I use it a lot more on my lower lash line. I love the white end as well! I use this a lot on my lower lash line as well. I really love the shimmery tone it has as it really brightens your eyes up. I don't use this as often but it's really nice to use.


And that was a little bit about everything that I purchased. I hope you enjoyed my post! 😊 If you have any posts/videos you'd like to see, please let me know! I love interacting with all my readers and subscribers. 
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See you in my next post, 

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  1. I love the new natural fresh face masks the body shop have just released, I really want to try those too! The Seaweed oil control moisturiser sounds so good.
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. I've got my eyes on them so I will definitely have to try them.
      It really is an amazing product!

      Jessica xo


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