24 July 2016

My Beauty Storage

In todays post I decided to show you how I store my beauty products and keep them organised. I love being organised and organising everything and since this is a beauty blog, I thought I'd show you how I store my makeup! I hope you enjoy this post :)


One of my top storage places is my drawers. I have a few brands that I go crazy about so a couple of them have their own dedicated drawers. Oops. It makes it easier as I know that they are all together and it's much easier to find my favourite brand. Although one brand is currently overfilling! :(


I love using jars as a form of storage as it's easier to store the little things. What really annoys me is having small products just wondering lost in a makeup bag. Having jars for those sort of things is an absolute life saver! I have all my lipsticks in a jar as it keeps them together, rather than having them in a draw or makeup bag where they can lose their lids and well we all know that would be disastrous. I also like to keep cotton wool/pads and buds in separate jars as well as it's handy when it comes to using them. It's never nice coming to the last cotton pad and having to dig your fingers inside a 30cm long packet just to reach the last few. JARS SAVE LIVES.


I love makeup sectioning. It's the best part of being organised! Putting all your single eyeshadows together in one section and then putting all your false lashes together in another section. It makes everything look neat and tidy and makes it easier to find what you're looking for. I like to keep brands together rather than putting for instance 'bronzers' together. I prefer it better that way, but I think one day I will try putting the same products together just to see what it's like.

Makeup Holders

I adore makeup holders. I'm a sucker for a good makeup display so having a makeup holder is a must for me. I love seeing all my lipsticks on display. It just makes my dressing table look so pretty that sometimes I just have to sit there and just look at it because it makes me that happy. Don't judge me. You can get makeup holders almost anywhere (I'm still trying to get the drawer type ones) they definitely spice up your dressing table.

Candle holders also make great makeup holders. I like to put all my eyeshadow brushes and applicators into my candle holder. I only recently started doing this and I love it. 


And that's all for todays post. I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about how I store my makeup.

If you're looking for self-storage, make sure to check out MakeSpace! They pick up and drop off your items! How good is that?! 
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  1. I'm working on my makeup storage. Thanks for the inspiration. It is so annoying that there is no Ikea where I live so I can get the type of pot you store your brushes in.


    1. I just purchased more storage today! You're more than welcome. If you'd like me to make a YouTube video of it all please let me know. That's a shame about Ikea! xx


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