20 April 2016

Spring Pinks

As it's beginning to feel more like Spring, I decided to show you all my favourite pink beauty products that I love to wear during Spring. It's finally nice to be wearing Spring colours  and I especially can't wait for bright colours for Summer!

ALSO! Big news revealed at the end of this post so keep reading!

My Spring Pinks...

* Models Own Pink Veneer Nail Polish 

I haven't spoken about nail polish in forever! I wear it occasionally now because sadly I'm not allowed to wear it at work :( which is why the nail posts are a bit down but I can paint my toes! I love wearing Models Own Pink Veneer for Spring and Summer. It's a nice pastel pink colour perfect for both seasons. 

* Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Cotton Cane 
* Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Just Peachy 

You all know how much I love Tanya Burr lip glosses. In fact I think I have all her new collection as they're so pretty. For Spring I've loved wearing the Cotton Cane lip gloss which I received in her Christmas Deck the Hauls advent calendar. This lip gloss is a really nice creamy pastel pink colour which goes really nice with nude pink lips. The other lip gloss is the Just Peachy one. I purchased this a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. It's a peachy pink colour with a bit of sparkle which works great for Spring time makeup looks.

* Kiko Eyeshadow in 228

Kiko eyeshadows are amazing! I have so many that I've purchased but still need to try haha I'm getting there  slowly. You may have seen  this on my Instagram already but I shall do another makeup look with this eyeshadow and include it on my blog . It's a really pigmented eyeshadow which is what I love about it. 

* Makeup Revolution Baked Highlight in Pink Lights 

I absolutely adore this baked highlighter from Makeup Revolution called Pink Lights. Pink is even in the name so it makes it even more perfect to be featured in my 'Spring Pinks' I love this highlighter so much when baking as it stands out so well.

* Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Enchant 

I've mentioned this lipstick a while back in my blog somewhere (probably the Spring/Summer of 2015) so I thought I'd bring it back as I love using this so much. Enchant is one of my favourite lipsticks to wear in the Spring/Summer because it's a light pink shade and wears nicely on a bright sunny day. You'll see this lipstick feature more throughout the Spring/Summer of this year now haha.

* Pink Glitter

Who doesn't like a bit of glitter!? Only when it gets everywhere and you're taking months just to get rid of it haha. I've been absolutely in love with this glitter eyeshadow trend that I really wanted to give it a go myself. I didn't know what companies were good so in the end I used the tiny pots of glitter I had stashed away in a draw. It works the same believe it or not! I've been using gold a lot as you can tell by my Instagram but this pink glitter is perfect to bring your eyes out for Spring. I also can't wait to experiment more makeup looks with the other glitters I have. Comment below if you'd like to see them!

* Benefit Lolli Balm  

The Benefit Lolli Balm is the best pink lip balm I've purchased. I don't use it as much as I'd like because if you remember back in September 2015 I purchased a Benefit set on the ferry, they're only sample sizes so they aren't very big so this lip balm could probably run out in about a month. I don't have any intentions to purchase the full size one as I have so many lip balms anyway but maybe one day I'll change my mind

That's all my pink Spring products! 


My blog series Jestival is coming soon! I'll write a blog post about it soon for you all. I can't wait to start Jestival though! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I shall see you in my next post,

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  1. The Enchant lipstick is such a lovely shade! I'm excited to see Jestival :) xo


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