25 March 2016

Freedom Makeup - Vamp Lipstick Collection

If you read my wishlist post you'll know that I wanted the little set of five lipsticks. Well I can tell you that I now have 15 haha!
I managed to get the one on my cosmetics wishlist which I was really impressed with. I then went to Makeup Revolution's 2nd birthday party and found Freedom makeup there. The little packs of lipsticks were on display and I fell in love with a few other sets of lipsticks.
The one I want to show you is called Vamp. My friend and I fell in love with one specific colour and the other colours looked amazing to. I can't wait to get the other sets.
I also think the packaging is so cute to the point I can't chuck it away!

The Lipsticks 

All sets have five lipsticks which are average size just for £5.00! This set is a collection of deep purples and black. I really love wearing a dark lip shade through Winter, and even though Winter has finally gone, I still love to wear a purply lip colour. 
The Vamp set includes the colours; Pure Vamp, Vamp Noir, Dusk Till Dawn, Dark Paradise and Intense Noir. The colour my friend and I really love is Dusk Till Dawn. As you can tell by my swatches it's a nice plum colour. I've been using this one quite a lot recently. My next favourite is Dark Paradise. This colour is really nice as it's that perfect dark plum colour. I find Vamp Noir and Pure Vamp quite similar in colour only Vamp Noir is slightly darker. They are a purply red colour which remind me of Autumn. Last but not least there's Intense Noir, which is probably not my most favourite colour lipstick to use. I always find black a bit too bold on the lips and a bit dramatic, but with the perfect makeup look it stands out fine. 


These lipsticks are amazing. I'm definitely going to look into purchasing the other sets that I don't have. These are definitely a must have in your makeup collection. Head over to my Instagram @jessicarachelxo where you'll see more makeup photos of mine and be sure to follow to keep up to date! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I shall see you in my next post, 

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these lipsticks!

    Emily xo

  2. I just love the lipsticks! I don't know if i'll have courage to wear any of them but... are lovely :)

    1. Aw! You should give them a try and see what you think :) xx

  3. These look great, and you got an amazing deal!! :)



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