18 February 2016

February Mini Haul 2016

I'm looking back through my blog and I can see that I haven't done a haul like this since April 2015!!! I did do a Disney Haul in September 2015 and a Boxing Day Sale post but I'm not classing that as your everyday haul. So APRIL!!! I can't believe that. Here I am now in February of 2016 showing you what I randomly bought when I went out. 

I got...

* Girls On Film Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette - Superdrug
* Run Boy Run Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette - Superdrug
* Iconic Smokey Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette - Superdrug
I had trouble deciding between two eyeshadow palettes that in the end I decided to purchase all three of them! I really wanted the Iconic Smokey palette anyway so I just had to choose between Girls On Film (which has a variety of glamorous shimmery golds and mauve colours as well as six gorgeous matte colours) or the Run Boy Run palette (which has beautiful shimmers that you can wear everyday and six neutral matte shades). I had a hard time choosing that I just made the decision to get both as they are at an affordable price to do so. Let me know which palette you'd like me to review or do a makeup tutorial with.

* Clear Geometric iPhone 6 Case - New Look
* Blue Floral iPhone 6 Case - New Look
I was only suppose to purchase one case because in my local store they had the blue floral case that I fell in love with but sadly it was for the iPhone 5 but when I went to my nearest shopping centre I managed to find it in the iPhone 6 size which I was happy about. I then came across this clear geometric patterned case which I also fell in love with. I've really been loving the clear patterned cases recently the only thing that I don't like about this clear case is that it can be a pain to take off!

* Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Book - Waterstones 
I picked up this book and never put it down. I wasn't expecting to buy it and it was never in my intentions either. It's a bit battered and bruised but I left the sticker on the book in the photo for the reason I bought it. It was the last one... £35.00 down to £5.00!? YES YES YES. How can you say no!? Wasn't going to let that slip away.

I did also buy some clothes but I thought I'd include them in an outfit post.

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul this month. I'll try and get back into these sort of posts again. Doing this post has made me miss doing them haha.

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  1. I received a Revolution eyeshadow palette for my birthday last month & absolutely love it! One of the best palettes I own & I really want to add some more to my collection :) x



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