31 December 2015

December Favourites 2015

We are finally at the end of the year! How quickly has it gone!? Before I start my December Favourites I'd just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my journey this year, from following and commenting and just being supportive for me. It means so much to me and I can see 2016 being a great blogging year! Thank you so much!

Here are my December Favourites...

*Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane
This years Christmas candle was Candy Cane Lane. It smells absolutely delicious. Sadly I've never tried candy canes but if I ever got the chance to I would love to because this candle smells amazing!

*MUA Eyeshadow Palette 
I started using the eyeshadow palette more, ever since I got it in the Glossybox. It's my go to palette for work. I've really been loving wearing Gild and Lion as they are the nice gold/neutral colours, which is perfect for this time of year.

*Tanya Burr Hollywood Eyeshadow Palette
I think I over use this product way to much haha. I'm just so in love with this palette. The colours are so pigmented and the packaging is so cute.

*Tanya Burr Aphrodite Lip Gloss
As it's been the season to be jolly, you know I've been loving the red lipstick and lip gloss lately. I adore this Aphrodite lip gloss for the simple fact its got a bit of sparkle to it and I love things that sparkle!

*Tanya Burr Berry Picking Lip Gloss
This is my favourite plum coloured lip gloss. It's perfect for evening dates or for the Winter in general. I'm in love with all the burgundy colours this season so having a matching lip gloss is perfect.

*Collection Illuminating Concealer
I've never been so impressed with a concealer. I bought it because I needed a new concealer because I was running out, but the one I originally use was sold out so I thought I'd try this one. It really does cover up redness! So glad I picked this one up.

*Dr Organic Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner
I've been having problems with my hair recently and found that this lavender shampoo and conditioner really puts your hair back in the right condition. Using supermarket branded shampoo, I found that my hair was just building up all this product and becoming very dry that it just started to become a nightmare. I decided to go with natural ingredients and use the lavender shampoo and conditioner, but don't worry if you're reading this and thinking that you want to try this as well but you're not a fan of lavender because the lavender isn't that empowering!  

*Neutrogena Hand Cream
The thing that caught my eye about this product was because it looked Christmassy so I kind of had to buy it, because you need a Christmas hand cream during the Christmas period! It smells so nice and it's moisturising.

That's all my favourites for December this year. I still can't believe 2015 is coming to an end but I can't wait to see what 2016 brings us. 


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