21 December 2015

Blogmas Day 21 - 5 Facts About Christmas

Blogmas Day 21! Only 4 days until Christmas!!! I thought today's post should be different and so I decided to share some interesting facts about Christmas with you.

Fact Number 1 
England has only known seven white Christmases in the twentieth century. 

Fact Number 2 
34 to 36 million Christmas trees are produced for the Christmas period. 

Fact Number 3 
Jingle Bells also known as One-Horse Open Sleigh was written for Thanksgiving and not Christmas. 

Fact Number 4
Many parts of the Christmas Tree can be eaten as it's a good source of Vitamin C. 

Fact Number 5 
Japanese people traditionally eat KFC for Christmas dinner. It's so popular that customers have to place orders 2 months in advance! Crazy! 

I hope you enjoyed these 5 facts about Christmas. I found these facts very interesting, some of these are crazy! 

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in tomorrow's post, 

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