28 October 2015

Halloween Last Minute Makeup Ideas - Leopard

Did someone say Halloween makeup?! The best part of Halloween is the makeup side of things. It really brings out your outfit more. In this post I decided to show you a look that is probably very popular in the blogging world but then again is really simple for last minute outfit put together.

In terms of what I used all you really need is makeup. I didn't use any sort of paint but if you have paint then you can still use that. 

What I used
*Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream
*Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer 
*Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation 
*Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder 
*Make Up Revolution Highlighter
*Models Own Eyeliner
*L'oreal Paris Super Liner Eyeliner 
*Make Up Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara 
*Make Up Revolution Lipstick 100% Vamp
*Tanya Burr Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette (snowflake)
*Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Iconic 2 and 3 (black and gold)

This look is so easy to create as you can tell. I applied the concealer, foundation and powder as normal. Once I had done that I highlighted the area under my nose where the whiskers would go. I then applied the highlighter under my bottom eyelashes. I then used Tanya Burr's Snowflake eyeshadow colour to apply all over my eyelid. Once that is done you can then apply eyeliner to your eyes, nose and outline the lips. I used the Models Own eyeliner to underline the bottom lash line, draw on my nose and to outline the lips. I then used L'oreal Paris Super Liner Eyeliner to do my top lids (you can go crazy here, if you find that you aren't confident with eyeliner, just relax, you can go as bold as you like so messing up won't be a problem) I then used the same eyeliner to draw small little whisker dots on the mouth. I applied Tanya Burr's Bambi false eyelashes and applied Make Up Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara to my bottom lashes. My eyes really stood out! I then applied the gold eyeshadow in the Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette and literally just dotted anywhere on my face and some down my neck, I then used an angled brush and used the black in the Make Up Revolution Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette to outline the gold marks to make it look like a leopard print and dotted random black dots in places to make it a bit more effective. Once that was done I applied the Make Up Revolution 100% Vamp lipstick to finish the look and of course sprayed the Make Up Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray to fix my makeup into place and to last throughout the day. 

And that's how I achieved this look. Makeup Revolution is definitely one of my favourite makeup brands, I'm always browsing their ranges in all my nearest Superdrug stores. They're really good and last a long time and are really affordable! 

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween post! I can't believe my birthday is coming up in just over a week! What?! I'm so excited :D 
I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post, 

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