24 October 2015

DIY Jewellery Project Kit from Jewellery Maker

I was contacted by the lovely people of Jewellery Maker to try out one of their bracelet making kits. I agreed to try one of their Jewellery Project Kits and to share my experience with you guys!

I chose to make the silver beaded bracelet. You can find the exact same one here or visit the Jewellery Project Kits page for more bracelet designs and colours. They are an affordable price and will make a great gift for any occasion.
This bracelet is absolutely adorable and the heart charm really finishes the look.

When I received the box, I opened it to find the
*50x round beads 8mm
*10x Jumprings 6mm
*Toggle clasp rope effect round 16mm and bar 26mm
*Heart charms 12mm
*2x crimp beads
*2x crimp covers
*Set of instructions 

Everything is well laid out on the instruction form. Straight after reading what the set includes it then gives you a small list of things you will need, such as:
*Beading Thread
*Flat Nose Pliers
*Wire Cutting Pliers
*Crimping Tool

Once I had everything together I was ready to start making the bracelet. The instructions were fairly straightforward and are also pictured as well. There was only 5 steps and it was easy to do. It came out beautifully!

This is definitely one of my favourite bracelets now.
Jewellery Maker also do more DIY sets on their website http://www.jewellerymaker.com/en-gb/ it's worth checking out. They have so many things that you can make.
Jewellery Maker was founded in 2010 and is part of a family owned business 'The Genuine Gemstone Company'.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you Jewellery Maker for giving me the opportunity to do this, I will be wearing this bracelet a lot now!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

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