23 September 2015

Trip to Disneyland Paris

After overcoming the tiredness of the very long journey home, I've finally got the energy to write a post! Ideally I was hoping to put the post up yesterday when I came home but I felt a bit ill and ended up just snuggled in bed and fell asleep. I woke up this morning feeling a bit better and as the day went on I gradually felt even more better that I finally sat down to write this post.

So as you know, Friday the 18th of September was the day that I travelled to Disneyland Paris and in this post I decided to share with you what I got up to on my days there and do other blog posts such as a Disney haul as well as a review on the hotel! A lot went on over the weekend and I'm surprised it went quickly but I'll explain what I did on the days and show you a few photos to! I haven't been to Disneyland Paris since I was 8 years old so 11 years later here I am back in Disney!

Day 1 - Friday 18th of September 

Friday was the day we travelled to France by coach. We had no idea what to expect because we had never caught a coach to a holiday destination before. Once we were packed my dad drove me and my mum to the service station where the first coach was picking us up from and waited patiently for the coach. The coach turned up at 11.40pm and we sat on the coach and made our way to another service station where we would change coaches to the ones we would be travelling on all the way to Disneyland Paris. The change over was quite long so me and my mum managed to get a hot dog whilst we waited. They then called the number of the coach that was ready to depart and we were on our way! We got onto the bus first and they were playing Disney music, I got so excited. Our seats were right next to the toilets but ideally right in front of the TV so it didn't bother us. We headed towards Dover to catch the ferry to France and on the way down one of the coach drivers put Toy Story 3 on so my 'reading a book' went out the window because I ended up watching the film. We then got to the port and found out that we couldn't get onto the Ferry that was already there so we had to wait an hour for the next one which was at 3pm! It wasn't all doom and gloom though because watching the film really did pass the time. We then got onto the Ferry. Mum and I walked around the shops and had something to eat and just aimlessly wondered around until we hit France. 
By the time we were in France it was 5pm. Once we got back on the coach and drove off the Ferry we drove through France, from Calais it was a 3.5 hour journey to Disneyland so we had a long journey ahead of us. We were looking out the window a lot of the time, seeing a different scenery of a different country can be quite amazing and the roads were so straight! At least 70 miles up the road there would be a small bend and you'd carried on straight again! So different to England's winding roads.
As we carried on travelling it became more tiring. The coach driver put on The Incredibles so I was here and there watching that and looking out of the window. We got stuck in traffic at this point so watching the film passed time again! And by this point it was nightfall so it was completely dark outside and could barely see a thing. What we should have done then was take a short nap but as it was our first time driving in France we didn't want to miss a single thing even if it was dark! We then arrived at the entrance of Disneyland Paris. We dropped some people off at the first hotel and then moved on to the second hotel drop off and then eventually got to our hotel. We stayed in the Hotel Santa Fe, which I will be doing a review on. We got here at 10.30pm (French time). We checked in and found our hotel room and after all that travelling we just couldn't wait to get into bed! 

On The Coach.

Day 2 - Saturday 19th of September 

A bit of an unplanned day. We woke up at 7am which was quite early seeing as we travelled all that time the day before. We went down for breakfast and then headed for the parks. We looked like zombies! The walk was fairly long but taking photos of the Disney Castle and everything surrounding it was amazing! I picked up a map of the park and we planned what ride we would go on first. As we were walking we came across a shop that was selling Minnie Mouse ears, so of course I had to buy them! So in high spirits we made our way to the Big Thunder Mountain ride. The queue was 45 minutes so we waited. Once we had done the ride we came off and wanted to do another ride that wasn't too much force so we decided to do the ride Star Tours. After feeling a bit motion sickness from that ride we then realised how shattered we really were so to get our energy and momentum back we had lunch in a little cafe but it didn't work for us, we didn't fancy doing anymore rides and because we walked around so much that's all our brains wanted to do was walk, so unwanted but needed we walked back to our hotel room and I set an alarm for 6pm so we took around a 1.5 hour nap. We felt a little better after our nap that we decided to get dressed and go out for dinner and go shopping for a bit. We weren't sure where to go but they had The Rainforest Cafe, and my mum has been there before so we had dinner in there. It was a lovely experience. When we had finished we went for a little walk around the shops in the Disney Village and bought possibly, maybe everything (we did a lot of shopping) and then headed back to the hotel for an 'early' night, which ended up being midnight!

I got my Minnie Mouse ears!

Day 3 - Sunday 20th of September

We set the alarm for 6am this time, but the sleep was amazing and we felt more refreshed! After Saturdays experience of breakfast we decided to book a table at Cafe Mickey for 8am. Best thing ever! Having breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Eeyore and Chip and Dale was great fun as there wasn't many characters around in the parks. After breakfast we went to the parks, and as we were staying in one of the hotels we were allowed to go in the parks an hour earlier than the public, so by 9am we were in the park. Where as Saturday we were just eating breakfast! We decided to go on the Les Mysteres du Nautilus, which you visit Captain Nemo's submarine. It was a little poxy but it past the waiting times for other rides. We then went on Orbriton, a ride I absolutely loved when I first went to Disneyland Paris. I was surprised with a lot of things that I didn't remember but I never forgot the Orbriton ride so of course we had to go on it! After that we then went on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. This was the best ride ever shooting a laser gun at things, It was so much fun! After that we went on Phantom Manor, it wasn't that long to wait for so we thought whilst we are there why not?! The ride became more familiar to me once it got to the end as I remember going on it when I was younger. By the time we got off the ride we went into Walt Disney Studios to the Moteurs Action Stunt Show which featured Lightening McQueen. I 100% remembered this show, it is by far my favourite show and we definitely had to watch it again! The show wasn't on until 2.15pm so we had to wait just over an hour as you had to be there half hour before the show but we decided to go 45 minutes before just in case it was busy. In this time we decided to do near rides that were quick but some rides were 120 minutes to wait and one of the rides that my sister recommended was closed, so we decided to just get lunch instead. We went to Blockbuster Cafe and had a quick pizza. It was right across the road from the show so we didn't have to rush. When it got to 1.30pm we made our way over to the show, only to find a lot of people queuing already! It wasn't that long of a wait but I didn't remember the place seating so many people! Wow it was big! The show was amazing and I took so many videos and photos and I really love it!! The show lasted 45 minutes so when we came out it was around 3pm. We then went past the Armageddon experience. I've never seen the film but my mum said it was a classic so we had to go to! It was only a 5 minute wait, so I wasn't going to complain. The man spoke in French for the majority of it but when the actors came on the screen they were American and spoke English, so that it was nice to understand. I didn't understand what was happening because I've never seen the film but what was happening around me felt like I was really in the film. There was a massive fire explosion which you felt the heat from and then you got wet which made us scream haha! 
After that we walked round and found a ride that I also remember called Studio Tram Tour. It only had a 45 minute wait and we still felt raring to go so we waited. The ride was the same as it was when I last went but I didn't remember the last part of the ride as it was a different scene, so I'm not too sure if they added that part in or I just totally don't remember it. After this ride we made our way back into the Disneyland Park for the parade. People were already sitting and waiting but we managed to find a place on the roundabout which I thought would be better. Once the parade had finished, literally everyone, and I mean near enough everyone, headed back to the Disney Village. Most of the public caught the Eurostar so that's where most people were going but we decided to have dinner in Planet Hollywood at this time. It was nice and wasn't that busy so the food was served quick. We came out and the queue was so long! We then took some photos around the village and made our way to the hot air balloon which was still open when we got there! We went up in this hot air balloon. It went up 100m into the sky but you are still attached to the ground, and you can see the whole of the Disney parks and even far off into France, you could just about see the Eiffel Tower. I wasn't sure how to feel about the hot air balloon. I'm not scared of heights but this balloon made me think differently! When we came down we only had a little walk back to our hotel room so we went back because we had to pack for our leaving day which was the next day! We had done so much on Sunday (as you can tell from this really long paragraph) that we nearly forgot that we had to pack! We quickly went back to the hotel and packed the things we didn't need anymore and left out what we needed for the morning. We had a quick shower and then decided we would go to the hotel shop just for the last time in Disney as we had to get up at 5.30am. We bought a few more things and then headed back to the hotel room for bed.

 Day 4 - Monday 21st of September

How did this day come around so quickly? Waking up at 5.30am wasn't fun. I felt a bit ill in the night with a sore throat and cold so waking up still having it wasn't pleasant. We got ready and went down for breakfast and then made our way to the coach which was already outside the hotel after breakfast. We picked up the same people and by the time everyone was on the bus and we were somewhere down the motorway everyone was asleep! It was so tiring! I still felt ill so I dozed off for a little bit. The journey back seemed longer. I think because I didn't know where I was and didn't understand the conversion of lets say 30km, it was hard to know when you were getting somewhere. I'm so used to miles rather than km! The coach driver put Dumbo on but I was here and there falling asleep whilst watching it. We got to a French service station where we changed coaches again and drove onto the Ferry that took us back to England. Mum and I got lunch first thing because the amount of people on the Ferry there was bound to be a queue but when we got there there was hardly anyone there! We then went to the shop and had a look for the things we saw on the way to France and bought them. I did want a packet of 4 Marc Jacobs perfume for £32 but you only got 4ml in a bottle so I ended up getting some Benefit make up! The joys of duty free! Once we hit Dover it was raining. Typical British weather! We drove out and got dropped off at the service station we got picked up from and dad picked us up. I felt ill when I got in so I ended up snuggled in bed. It felt weird being home.

And those were my days in Disneyland Paris. It still feels weird to be home, but I'm getting used to it a bit more now. Can't believe it's over, I miss it already and I'm still so tired! 

I hope you enjoyed my post and pictures!
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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