30 September 2015

September Favourites 2015

It's finally the end of September which means it's time for another monthly favourite. I'm so excited for October tomorrow. October is my favourite month and it also means that I can do Autumn related posts! Who doesn't like Autumn?!

Here are my favourites:

*Mickey Mouse Water Bottle
With the amount of Disney related posts you'd think that I had bought this bottle in Disneyland. I actually got it in the Disney Store. I absolutely love this water bottle. It's really big and I feel that I've taken in a good amount of water everyday when I take it to work. 

*Lottie London Make Up Brushes 
These are all of my Lottie London brushes. I really love using them as they are really soft on the face and make applying your make up so much easier. I've stopped using the brushes I used before due to the fact that I love these brushes more and the colour scheme is cool too. 

*Beauty UK Plumalicious Lipstick
This is my favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick. It's a really nice plum colour, and now we are going into October I am definitely going to be using it more.

*Beauty UK Passion Lipstick
I've loved wearing this lipstick lately. I've started using these lipsticks again as I stopped using them. I like this colour as it's a subtle pinky colour. I wore it a lot in Disneyland. I actually forgot how much I loved wearing this lipstick. 

*Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm - Peach 
I do love a lip balm. I've been using this lip balm a lot because I really like the peachy scent and it's really moisturising. I put this on my lips before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning my lips still feel moisturised which is really good in my opinion! 

*Nivea Cleanser and Toner
These two products are by far the most amazing products I have ever come across. They were in my last monthly favourites. You can see more about why I love the products so much here.

*Models Own - Cornflower Gleam 
I really love this pastel blue colour nail polish from Models Own. I used this colour in one of my most recent nail arts (Aladdin). It's a really nice colour to wear at the end of the Summer months, where you say bye to the bright colours, which I'm going to miss! But I'm highly in love with Models Own Twilight collection which you will see soon on my blog. 

*Models Own - Indian Ocean 
I believe I've mentioned this nail polish on my blog before. It's a very unique nail polish. You can apply any colour nail polish of your choice and then apply the Indian Ocean colour and the effect is amazing. What makes it better is there's a different effect for every colour! I enjoyed wearing this on top of the colour I wore in Disneyland. If you come across this colour in the Models Own bottle shops or Superdrug, you should definitely buy it! 

And that's it for my September favourites. I hope you enjoyed reading this post :) 
I can't wait to do Autumn related posts with Autumn scented candles burning all snuggled in an oversize jumper. Then there will be Autumn make up and nail posts, and lets not forget the Halloween posts! 

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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