28 September 2015

Disney Hotel Santa Fe Review

When looking up reviews about the hotel I was staying in in Disneyland Paris, I found it quite hard to get the gist of what it could be like. So I decided to make my own review to help others. I included photos so you can see what the rooms look like as some photos of the rooms are different to what the hotel is made out to be like.

So we stayed in a standard room in the Hotel Santa Fe, which is a 2 star hotel but in my honest opinion it wasn't that bad. I've seen a lot of people mention that the hotel was 'run down' or 'basic' but lets not forget that you're only sleeping in the hotel and not spending most of your time there.

In the brochure the Hotel Santa Fe is a New-Mexico themed hotel which features Cars so the hotel from the outside will look a bit run down but to me it reminded me of a sandy desert house. We arrived late at night when the hotel was lit up, and it looked absolutely beautiful. I chose this hotel for the fact that it was Cars themed and Cars happens to be my most favourite Disney film so when we turned up and I saw the billboard at the top of the Hotel entrance that had Lightning McQueen and Sally on it, you can imagine how excited I got!

Once we got off the coach with our luggage we checked into the hotel. At the time it was fairly busy and they didn't have a lot of staff on reception, but this can differ on the time of your arrival. The people at reception spoke French and English. We spoke to a man who explained everything to us clearly. I didn't realise the hotel was so big until the man gave us a map of the hotel! But this was also helpful as it was a map one side and had information about the hotel on the other side such as times for breakfast and bar.
The hotel has 4 areas - Mater, McQueen, Sally and Luigi. We stayed in Luigi. It was manageable to find as they had signs like this around the areas.

Whilst walking I thought the barrier around the roof was really cool at night

It was around a 2 minute walk to the hotel room but once we got to our room we were amazed!

In every hotel we go in, no matter what, we use anti-bacterial wipes and just wipe over everything just to be sure everything is clean. For this hotel there wasn't a need to! It was so clean, I've never seen a room so clean before in a hotel. Of course we still used the wipes but we were just making everything shinier! 

The Bedroom

The room has two double beds which are so comfy and nice to come back to after a long day in the parks. I really loved the traffic cone lights above the bed, such a clever idea. 

Another traffic cone light! If I could have taken one home I probably would have done. They even had a traffic cone mirror next to the light, so they definitely keep to the Cars theme. 
The TV was very welcoming (which sounds strange) but we walked in and on the screen said 'Welcome Jessica, enjoy your stay' which made me smile. The TV is really helpful though, after selecting your language it brings you to a menu where you have options to watch TV (duh?) and also gives you information about where to eat, what you can do and where you can find things. This is great to read up just before you go to bed so you are prepared. The TV has channels for kids, such as The Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD but it does also have BBC World News and other programs to choose from. Whilst browsing through the TV menu I found a story telling program which is good for children before they go to sleep. 

In the room you have a heater and a ceiling fan so depending when you go you can use either. We had to use the heater because it was quite chilly but the heater worked well and was easy to control the heat settings.

The Bathroom 

 The bathroom was a good size and was also Cars themed. It was very clean and the shower was nice and powerful. I've always gone to hotels and their showers don't have a lot of pressure coming out of them but this shower had the perfect pressure to make me happy. You do get a free shampoo/shower gel. It's only one small bottle that has Mickey Mouse ears! We didn't use it, we decided to take it home instead and we already had our own shower essentials anyway. The shampoo/shower gel is blushing orange, which sounds rather nice so I might use it once at some point.
If you look closely in the reflection of the mirror, you'll see a white thing hanging on the shower curtain rail. Do give it a read. It basically tells you about the cleaning service, such as where to put the towels if you would like them changed.

Opposite the bathroom there is a clothing area where you can hang your jackets on hangers. This includes a top shelf, hanger railing area, shelf and the floor where you can put your shoes or suitcase. On the top shelf is a safe where you can put all your personal belongings. We would have used it but the shelf was really high up that we couldn't even see the numbers, which was a shame so we just ended up locking them in the suitcase every time we left the room. Small people problems :(

What the room had
*Two double beds
*A Safe
*Ceiling fan
*Hair dryer 

What the room didn't have 
*Kettle (Can be hired from reception)
*Mini fridge 

Breakfast in La Cantina was difficult for us. The walk to the place was quite far (Luigi was on the other side of the hotel) and the queue was long. Once we were in the place we got our trays and bowls and looked around for something to eat. There was a lot of croissants, some cereal and fruit (the fruit wasn't nice at all) but if you're not there early enough it will all be gone. That was our mistake. It's nice to book a place in the Disney Village for breakfast (we went to Cafe Mickey) It made it easier as we didn't then have to walk all the way back to the main part of the hotel and then walk all the way back past our hotel room to then carry on walking to the parks.

In the Disneyland brochure it does say the park is a 20 minute walk away but you can get the shuttle bus to the parks for free. This is optional. Some shuttles were busy, even at 10pm. We decided to walk, it was very peaceful. There's a river that separates the Hotel Santa Fe and Hotel Cheyenne, you can walk on both sides of the river, we always used the bridge first so we were already on the other side of the river where everything else was. It was a nice peaceful walk, it was quiet. The river had ducks and fish in it so it's great for the kids whilst you're walking. You can smell the pine trees on your walk which is lovely. It's really nice at night time as well, and it's easy to find your way back to your hotel room. 
The hot air balloon is the first thing you see before you get to to the Disney Village,  If you leave at 7.30am the balloon looks beautiful in the morning sunrise and gives a lovely reflection on the water when you take photos. You then come to a small tent, this tent is unavoidable. It's a bag check tent. It's exactly the same as the airport where you put your bag on a conveyor belt and the bag goes through an x-ray. This was never busy at all when we went at any time, but once your through that you're in the Disney Village. There's a lot of restaurants and shops around here. I always remember that Planet Hollywood was the kind of beginning of the Disney Village, it wasn't the first restaurant/shop, probably second or third? But it was so big that you couldn't miss it so finding our way back wasn't a problem, just looked for the big globe! 
Opposite Planet Hollywood is the Eurostar train station. A very very busy place at certain times in the day. They as well have bag checks too, so it's safe around the parks. 

Top Tip
This is a great tip if you come from England. We found that it was much better to stick to English tea time (5pm English - 6pm France) as it wasn't so busy and the food came out really fast where as when we came out there was hundreds of queues to restaurants. Bear that in mind when you go! It's definitely a life saver tip. 

I hope this was helpful for anyone who reads this. It started off as a hotel review but I decided to include the walking distance to the park as well as that is part of your stay! If you choose this hotel you won't be disappointed. If you have any questions to ask about the hotel you can comment below! 

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I hope you enjoy your stay at this hotel just as much as I did.
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post, 

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