25 September 2015

Disney Haul

To continue with the Disney themed posts, in todays post I'm sharing with you what I bought in Disney. I also haven't done a haul post in quite some time, so it's nice to finally show you what I've bought again! I did a lot of shopping as you can tell! If I could buy the whole of Disney, I probably would have done.
I used my dads new photo studio to take the photos.

*Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Classic Plushies
You're never too old for a teddy! In this case two of them! I really wanted to bring home a Disney teddy so it could sit on my bed/sofa and just remind me of my holiday. The only problem I had was deciding which character to get. I normally don't have this problem, but considering the amount of teddies they had and the price they were, I decided in the end to buy the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse classic teddies. I thought these two were really cute! At first I only had Minnie and it didn't feel right only having her so of course I had to purchase Mickey. I like how they are black and grey as it goes well with the colours of my wall in my bedroom. They're currently on my shelf. 

*Aristocats, Olaf, Belle, Lightening McQueen Keyring
Apparently I needed four keyrings? They had so many keyrings to choose from so it made it difficult to choose. I chose the Aristocats keyring because I love the film and I absolutely adore cats. They're attached onto a pink love heart as well. It also had the Eiffel Tower attached to it which is also a reminder for me that I went to France! 
I got the Olaf keyring because everyone knows how adorable and funny Olaf is! He's one of my favourite characters so I had to get a keyring. 
I bought the Belle keyring as you know Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite films after doing a nail art tutorial. They had these cute little keyrings of the princesses and I really liked Belle. I was going to get either Tinkerbell or Ariel, but ones enough! 
I had to get Lightening McQueen keyring because Cars just happens to be my number one favourite Disney film of all time! I've put them on my car keys just to make it just a tad bit sporty haha

*Disney Safekeeping Plate
This was handy in the hotel room as well as at home. I bought this plate because it was another reminder that I went to Disneyland. More to the fact that I was going to buy one when I was home anyway so when I saw this one of course I had to buy it. Though I will probably purchase the one I have in mind still! 

*Mickey Ring 
My most favourite thing I bought in Disneyland was this Mickey ring. It's absolutely stunning and I love how it swirls around your finger. The stones are birthstones, which gives it that extra touch. Sadly I'm not too keen on the November brown topaz colour so I always opt on getting October's pink opal. It matched my nails!

*Disney Pen
This pen is pretty popular in Disneyland. You can buy them with an autograph book, so it's fun for the kids. Me and my mum were just walking through one of the parks and saw one on the floor and she picked it up and now I have a pen haha

*Disney Cat Bowl 
I was amazed to find they had a section for your dog/cat. I was not expecting it at all. Sadly there was more for the dogs and just the cat bowl for the cat but I shared a little bit of Disney with my fluffly friend! I love how it's got all/most of the Disney cats around the bowl. However I am thinking about keeping it as it might get a bit ruined when she eats. 

*Minnie Ears
A definite must buy if you ever go to Disney! You can get all kinds of ears. I saw pink sparkly ears, silver ears. There's even Mickey ears with his purple star hat on. 

*Minnie Pencils
I bought these as a little gift for people as I thought it would be nice to bring home something for everyone. A pack of pens were quite expensive so these cute little pencils were ideal.

*Toy Story Piggy Bank 
We came off  Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast and entered into a Toy Story shop. I came across the piggy bank. It just had to be bought! I came across a Lightening McQueen and Olaf money box but Hamm the piggy bank just made more sense to buy! 

My non Disney items:

*Pink Dream Catcher 
I bought this in the Rainforest Cafe. Apparently I have this thing for dream catchers? I now have 3... 

How have I only just come across these!? I'm madly in love with them and never want to take them off. They keep your feet so cosy and warm all the time. I got these in King Ludwig's Castle. We wasn't going to go in there as from what we could see was little toy figures of knights in shining armour on horses but walking back we came across a sign saying 'Yankee Candles' so obviously we went in and realised it was that shop. They didn't have any tealights, which I prefer to burn, only large candle jars which I wasn't prepared to carry on the coach so we had a look around and I found these Snoozies that say 'I <3 CATS' on them. That's me all over. So snuggly. 

*Benefit Frisky Six
This is the set of Benefit make up I got on the Ferry. I got it in Duty Free so it was a lot cheaper than in the shop. I was really pleased about that. I've tried the make up and I love the results. I can't wait to use them.

Oh I've missed doing hauls! I hope you enjoyed this one. Disney September is almost over, that's what I'm going to call it because I've blogged all September about Disney! I'll be sure to make another haul post soon if I can! 

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post, 

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