14 September 2015

Aladdin Nail Art


As it's coming closer and closer for me to go to Disneyland, I thought I would share with you another Disney inspired nail art. This time I decided to do Aladdin. Aladdin is another one of my favourite Disney films, all the songs are so fun to sing and it's such a heartwarming film.

I got really excited with this nail art because I couldn't believe how easy it was to do! And it works well on short nails, my nails are fairly short at the moment as you can see, so this nail art was manageable.

What I Used:
*Base/Top Coat
*Blue Nail Polish
*Chrome Nail Polish in Gold
*Nail Brush
*Blue Rhinestones

How I done this:
Before I paint my nails I always like to file my nails and apply hand cream to my hands. I then apply a base coat to my nails. Once I had done that I painted all my nails with the blue nail polish, (I used Models Own Cornflower Gleam) I painted two coats of the blue. Then once that had dried I used the small nail brush and dipped the brush into the gold nail polish, (I used the Models Own Chrome Gold) I then made a small dot that marked the centre of my nail and drew two lines going towards my cuticle to create a triangle shape, this created Jasmine's outfit inspired look. I preferred using the small tip brush as I could control the thickness of the gold and was more easier to manage. 
Whilst the gold was still drying, I then got out some blue rhinestones from my rhinestone palette wheel. Just to be sure that the rhinestones would stick to my nail I used the small nail brush again to dot a small gold dot on the centre point and stuck the rhinestone on top and let it dry. I done this to all of my nails. Once they had all completely dried I used the Models Own HyperGel Top Coat to make the nail art last longer and give it a dazzling shine! 
And that's how I created this Aladdin nail art look.

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I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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