20 August 2015

Why I Choose to Use Nivea


In today's post I thought I would share with you the reasons why I choose to use Nivea. I've mentioned a lot of products on my blog, but there's something about Nivea that will always win me over.

Here's why:

I was always someone that would buy a moisturiser of some kind, finish that and then buy a new moisturier of a different kind. You've seen it all over my blog where I've gone from Good Things to Clean & Clear. I just loved trying different products. However as my Nivea collection built, I think I might stay with them for a little while. 

The products in the photo are my most recently used products and favourites. 

*Refreshing Soft Moisturising Cream
This moisturising cream has Jojoba oil and Vitamin E in it. You can use it on the face, body or hands, but I prefer to use it on my face because out of all the moisturisers I've used, this one doesn't take ages to dry. It also states on the back of the product that it 'is quickly absorbed and refreshes the skin' which is 100% true. It's so soft and I actually feel moisturised. 

*3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water
I've always wanted to try cleansing water and when I received this product I was excited to use it! The cleanser cleanses deeply, removes make-up and moisturises in just one step. Brilliant. When I first used this product I was stunned by how much excess make-up was taken off after just using a wipe and now I can't stop using this cleansing water! I feel like my face is so clean. I'm using the cleanser for sensitive skin so it help protects against redness, tightness and dryness. If you are someone who has sensitive skin I definitely would recommend this product for you.

*Purifying Toner
After receiving the Cleanser I thought it would be best to also have a toner, as you should always cleanse and tone your skin, so I've been using the Purifying Toner for combination to oily skin. My skin differs from combination to dry/sensitive so my products are a range of those but I would say I am more combination. This toner tones and purifies the skin to remove oil and reduces excess sebum to prevent shine. 

*Facial Cleansing Wipes
I've mentioned about these wipes before. I've used many wipes for dry skin but the Nivea facial cleansing wipes are definitely my all time favourite as they are gentle on the skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

*Nivea Creme
This little pot does so many wonders to your skin. It makes your skin feel lovingly soft and smooth, and it feels absolutely amazing. It's quite handy when you are travelling as it's small and I would highly recommend this product. It's a nice cream that doesn't leave you waiting ages for it to dry. 

*Lip Balm - Fruity Shine Peach, Sun Protect SPF 30 and Fruity Shine Watermelon
Here's me going on about lip balms again. I can't get enough of them. I thought I would write them together as they pretty much all moisturie your lips. Nivea is definitely my favourite for lip balm now as you can tell that they are really long lasting. My all time favourite is the watermelon one as I've just been obsessing over watermelons all summer! The peach one is really nice to use as well, and of course on the Summer days I've been using the Sun Protect SPF 30 just for extra protection. They have so many more lip balms to try ahhhh!

I love all Nivea products. I'm someone who will pick up a new product and read on the back to see what it does, and Nivea is 100% truthful about it where as some other brands exaggerate or if you use it too often you don't notice the effects anymore. 
I hope you enjoyed reading why I choose to use Nivea.
You can take a look at their website here to get the right products for you, or you can visit your local supermarkets, Nivea is near enough anywhere, which makes it good as it's not that hard to find. And shops tend to go half price or buy one get one half price, and you can't ignore that! 

I'm really excited to announce that I'm going to Disneyland Paris in September!!!!!! Only 29 days to go! So for the next few weeks my blog might have a lot of Disney related posts. I'm crazily excited!

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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