27 August 2015

Back to School DIY Weekly Planner

It's finally coming to that time of year when we start a new school year! And the only thing that I really loved about going back to school is stationary shopping! It just seems to be something that everyone loves, only this year I'm not going back to school or even college so I feel a little bit lost! But I shall continue stationary shopping!
As going back to school is coming up I thought I would make a cute DIY weekly planner. Everyone gets a weekly planner from school but it's also nice to have a separate weekly planner for other things, but this could also be useful for end of year exams as well! And it's fun and really easy to make and lets not forget that it's soooo sparkly!!

What you will need

*Plain white canvas (any size)
*Double sided tape
*Paper (any colour)
*Glitter paper (any colour)
*Fine liners and pens
*Sticky notes

How to:

1.) I forgot to include this coloured paper in the photo but I covered the plain white canvas in pink paper with glue. You can choose any colour you like for this. 

2.) To create the title of the planner I used the pink glitter paper and cut a small rectangle out. I then places it on the canvas and moved it around until I was happy with where I wanted to place it. Once I had done that, I used doubled sided tape to stick it down.

3.) One I had the pink glitter rectangle, I then measured a smaller rectangle onto white paper and stuck the white rectangle on top with double sided tape.

4.) After I had the title sorted I was ready to start the days of the week. My canvas sadly didn't fit all seven days on it so I had to label Saturday and Sunday as 'weekend' but if you have a bigger canvas that is fine. I used small sticky notes to get the size of each square. I traced round them six times on the silver glitter paper and cut them out and placed them on the canvas and stuck them using double sided tape.

5.) I then cut out little strips of white paper for the labels of the days of the week and added small white boxes as well using glue to stick them down.

6.) Once I had stuck down everything and waited for the glue to dry, I used a fine liner to write the title and the days of the week in their boxes and then I used a small black marker pen to draw borders round them. I wasn't so sure about doing the boarders but I realised that it really makes them standout more. 

7.) Last but not least, grab your sticky notes and get planning! 

And that's how you make a lovely weekly planner canvas that sparkles :)
I hope you enjoyed this post and try it out, if you do I would love to see your creations! It will make a cute locker accessory as well if you have one, mine is just hanging on my cork board but you'll be so organised! 

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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