21 July 2015

Summer Palm Tree Nail Art


I'm really excited to share this post as I haven't done nail art in a long long time and I'm so happy to be sharing this with you. In my last post I said how excited I was to include some of my new nail colours in some nail art, and tada!

It's a really cute and summery inspired look. You can use any colours of your choice. I actually was inspired by my pjs from Primark to do this design. 

So for this design I wanted to use my new Models Own nail polishes because I'm more than obsessed with their polishes now. 
I used these colours and tools: 

How I achieved this look

1.) I always file my nails and apply hand cream before I start doing anything, but once I had done that I was ready to start painting my nails. 
Can we just take a moment to take in the fact that I have a nail polish with my name on it!!! I've always wanted to purchase a nail polish from Jessica due to the fact that it would have my name on it! And when the magazine Red was giving away a nail polish I just had to buy two magazines haha! 
I used this nude colour to paint my thumb and ring finger. Once that had dried I used the Models Own Jack Frost nail polish on top as I find it so much easier to remove glitter polish when it's applied to a nude colour or any other base shade. I also love how the Jack Frost glitter comes out, there's no need to do about 7 coats until you are satisfied with the glitter, I did 2 coats and it came out perfectly so this nail polish will not let you down! I painted the rest of my fingers white.

2.) Using the Models Own Malibu Pink and Pink Wellies nail polishes, I used the small angled nail brush to create little palm trees. At first I was going to use a dotting tool but I really would recommend using a nail brush! This was the first time I actually used a nail brush and I prefer using them to a dotting tool. The palm trees were so easy to do!
How to create the palm tree
*Draw a line anywhere on your nail
*Draw 4 smaller lines at the top of the line to create the palm tree.

3.) I actually forgot to include this nail polish in the photo. I used the Models Own Hyper Gel Effect Top Coat to finish my design. I was really blown away when I was shown what this top coat can do. You can apply it to any nail polish and it will dry and give the effect of a gel polish! Fantastic! 

And that's how I created this cute, simple and summery nail art design.

I'm definitely going to find more inspiration and do more nail art, I've actually missed doing this on my blog! Have you got any ideas I could try?
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I hope you have a fantastic day, and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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