7 July 2015

July - New Look Clothes Haul

Hey Guys,

It's July! And I haven't posted in the month of July on my blog before. I've also noticed that in the past 3 months the first post is always on the 7th, which I never realised I did.
The hot weather didn't last as long as I thought :( Sometimes it was even too hot to make a post as it managed to reach 37 degrees Celsius! But now it's been raining and has cooled down a lot I can finally post!
I haven't recently done a haul post, the last one I did was back in April, so I now have 2 months worth of things that I have bought so I'm going to have to put them into separate posts otherwise we will be here all day!
So I thought I would share with you a few of the clothes I bought in the last 2 months that are from New Look, because that's where I purchase a lot of my clothes from. I should probably widen my closet horizon!

The one thing I never seem to have in the Summer is something light just to put on when the evenings get cooler so I got a few of those haha

*Floral Kimono
I included this in my OOTD post back in May, which looking back at that now, that's gone really quick! This kimono is really colourful and will definitely make you standout! 

*Pineapple Kimono
I think I've made my pineapple obsession known now so I really can't explain this kimono other than it has pineapples on it haha. The floral kimono was the first kimono that I've purchased so purchasing a pineapple one as well made me happy! :) 

*Coral/Mint Blouse 
So there was 4 colours to choose from... Black, White, Coral or Mint. We already know that Black is completely out of the question (I'm doing really well not buying black clothes for once!) So I tried the White, Mint and Coral. The ones that we like most were the Coral and Mint blouses. It was something different and I've been really loving these colours lately, especially the Mint! Which I've must of said a thousand times in my posts this Summer.

*Peachy Top
Another thing I've been obsessed with this Summer is clothing that have crochet and the bottom! I think it's so cute and makes you feel a lot cooler. They did have a Mint one, but they didn't have my size :( but I do love this peachy colour.

 *Coral/Blue Boyfriend Cardigans
As you can tell by the photos the tags are still on, which means I haven't even worn these yet! These are the sort of items of clothing I lack during the Summer. I normally just have a black cardigan, but I think they've had their day now and it's time for something new. I love the colours and will definitely make an outfit look cute.

*White Crochet Kimono
I couldn't quite name what this was called and the website says kimono, so we'll go with that! The crochet is so pretty and I love how light it is. I wore it on those days where it's sunny but cold? but not too cold. A day where you could wear a pair of shorts with a crop top, but it gets a bit chilly so you could put on this kimono and feel alright. That type of day! haha. 

I hope you enjoyed my clothes haul! There's a lot more hauls to come, such as shoes, accessories, you name it! What else would you like to see on my blog?
I hope you have a fantastic day and I shall see you in my next post, 

Jessica xo

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