12 June 2015

The End Of A Chapter

I can't believe how quickly this has come round. I've finally ended one chapter of my life and I'm ready to take on the next!
So you're probably wondering what I am going on about?... Well for three years of my life I've been studying hairdressing, from Level 1 all the way to Level 3, and I've finally finished. I remember back in September when I was just starting Level 3 and I made a post about what I had in my hair kit bag, next minute I find myself writing a post about the hair show and next minute after that I've finished for good, oh it goes by so quickly!

In this post I thought I'd tell you a bit about my three years experience.

Level 1 Hair and Beauty
This was ages ago! I vaguely remember what I actually done, but I know now that the college don't do hair and beauty together anymore. At first when I joined the college I wasn't too sure about the beauty side of the course, I was only wanting to do the hair side, but as the year went on I learnt a lot from it and I know a lot more than I already did. Everything was fairly basic in this level.

Level 2 Hairdressing
I actually loved this year and I'm not too sure why. This was when hairdressing started to get a bit more intense. I was actually cutting and colouring clients hair! A big step up from Level 1. It was really fun. I also learnt a lot more hair-up hairstyles than in Level 1 as it was just basic plaiting. I enjoyed learning new skills and was happy when achieving the look.

Level 3 Hairdressing
What a year! This year definitely had it's ups and downs due to it being so stressful but I still found in enjoyable. We learnt a few more things such as colour correction and fashionable perms, but the hair show was probably the most stressful. The hair show showed our creativity and skills as a hairdresser. You can read all about the hair show here. It still needs to sink in that I've actually finished my final year at college!

So where next?
Good question. Throughout the whole three years of studying hairdressing I was in and out salons all the time. Some would just take me on as work experience, or let me just shampoo clients hair and make them teas and coffees, which was okay, but after being Level 2 qualified I felt that it was time to step it up a notch. However even being in Level 3 I was still in salons just shampooing hair and making teas and coffees. They promised to help with my clientele but it wasn't working out for me. At this point I was driving and I couldn't afford to run my car due to such little pay at hairdressers. In some cases I have been put off hairdressing, but I had fun experiencing and learning new skills, for now I just do hairdressing as and when I'm needed, or I'll get out my sally head and do a hair-up style just to be creative.
Since February I've been working in retail, and I'm finding it a lot more fun. I enjoy every moment of it and probably spend half my wages in there! Oops! And I can now afford to run my car! It's definitely a new experience for me. I had such a warm welcoming when I started and it's been so lovely to be there and I hope to continue for a little while longer until I find something else, I have all options open.
So as I now have the days I went to college as days off I've planned a lot more for my blog. I've said this time and time again that I would make a YouTube video...Well today I thought I would give it a go! It didn't get very far... I kind of failed :( I felt awkward whilst I was talking haha so I think I need a bit more practice and maybe a new camera as the one I used is okay but not great, but I enjoyed the planning and trying to put it together! Hopefully soon I will put one up, but in the meantime I'll just stick to blogging :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I still can't believe my final year is over and I will never be returning to college as a student ever again! Of course I will be going back as the beauty department always need clients for a full body massage or a facial and how can you say no to that?!
I hope you have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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