25 June 2015

The Body Shop | Sweet Lemon Range

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all well!
In today's post I wanted to share with you something that I was amazed to find because I didn't even know it exist.

So as you know from my blog I shop in The Body Shop an awful lot. I've tried all their ranges and pretty much know the shop by heart! But when I was shopping in one of my nearest Outlet shopping centre's, I was shopping in The Body Shop and realised there was a 'Sweet Lemon' range? When did this happen!? I've been shopping in The Body Shop for a long time to know that I've never actually seen this range before and it's not even on their website as I have checked. So where did this range come from I wonder?
Anyway, as this was pretty new to me, I had to buy this set! And it being from an Outlet store in the Sale section made it even cheaper than it was suppose to be. I absolutely love this range.
The Sweet Lemon range is made with cold-pressed lemon seed oil from Italy.

Have you seen/tried any of these before?

What the set includes:

*Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
For me, this was the first time I used any of The Body Shop sugar scrubs. I never really thought about buying them, even though we all know my obsession with the body butters and I've already chosen my next scented sugar scrub already so there might be another obsession coming haha!
My first thoughts using this sugar scrub was amazing! I've never felt so moisturised and smooth and ohhhh it was so nice! At first it was a bit weird applying the sugar scrub because it felt funny massaging it over my body but washing it off felt amazing and I absolutely love it. 

*Sweet Lemon Body Whip
I don't use this one as often but I do like to just massage a little amount into my hands. I just love the smell of lemon and it really moisturises your hands.

*Sweet Lemon Lip Butter
Just another lip butter to add to the collection! And of course I love it. I don't always use lip butter for my lips though. I've been suffering with hayfever for a few years now and blowing my noes and itching my eyes becomes quite irritating as you can imagine, so applying a small amount of lip butter around my nose and and even smaller amount round my eyes makes me feel a whole lot better. I do the same thing when I have a cold, and not only does it make it feel better but you can also smell the nice smell of the lip butter which is nice, especially when it's either the mango or even the sweet lemon!

*Sweet Lemon Shower Gel
The Body Shop Shower Gels are always a must have for me. If there is ever a new range out the shower gel is always my first buy. I've tried every single one of The Body Shops shower gels and I'm still wondering why I have never come across this one yet? Not using this shower gel as much as I love the smell and if I can't get it again then I'll be sad :( 

*Sweet Lemon Body Butter
Coming out of the shower after using the shower gel and sugar scrub and then applying the body butter might have been a bit lemon crazy. I love the body butters and the lemon one is also so moisturising. I love applying the body butter after I've used the sugar scrub, it felt so refreshing. I guess you could say I smelt like one big lemon haha! 

If I come across this again I shall buy it again and include it in a giveaway for a lucky winner to try as well. The lemon isn't over powering either which makes it good.

Next week is suppose to be really hot and summery where I live! Yay! :)
Don't worry I haven't forgotten to do my summer dresser, that will be coming extremely soon, maybe even tomorrow if I have time! Summer is officially here!

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post!

Jesscia xo

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