26 June 2015

Summer Room Inspiration

Hey Guys,

Here's a quick post showing you parts of my room that I like to decorate for every season! In this case it's Summer!

If you remember last year I had a beach theme dresser, which included the flip flops, beach ball and sun, and as well as other beachy things. This Summer I decided to be a bit different and use fruit! I love watermelons and pineapples at the moment, so this was essential to have. Citrus fruit is always summery so I added a picture of a lemon slice and orange slice, and I also added a kiwi slice picture to as I love eating them in the Summer. Let's not forget about the strawberry as well!
As I didn't want to over power the dresser with lots of fruit I decided to bring back the flip flops, beach ball and the sun to give it that extra summery feel, although now I'm debating whether to add a picture of a cocktail haha!

This Summer's framed photo is an inspirational Summer quote. Out of all the quotes I was looking through I loved this one. 'Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild are.' I also kept my birdy on the frame because it looked cute. 

These flowers have been showing up a lot in other post background photos, so I thought I better share it with you. I did originally have some artificial white flowers next to my bed, which went lovely throughout Spring, but as I was walking through the home department in Next, I came across this beautiful jar of bright artificial coloured flowers! Perfect for Summer! The best thing about artificial flowers is they last forever. Just need to find something for Autumn now as I have a Christmas Tree for Winter. 

Haha... Pineapple!
I got this in Next when I bought the flowers. I saw it and just thought 'Yes!!!' Now I've got to find a photo to go in it! 

And that's everything for my Summer room inspiration. 
After placing the fruit on my dresser it gave me an idea to do a fruity kind of nail art, I've been lacking a lot with nail art! I've been trying though, soon there will be a nail art post. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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