19 June 2015

A Day Out in Brighton

So I was going to write this post yesterday (when I came home from Brighton) but I was so unbelievably tired I fell asleep in the car on the way home! But here it is now :)

On nice hot Summers days my family really love taking a trip down to Brighton. It is about a 1 hour and 30 minute drive away, so I tend to listen to my music whilst reading a book and lets not forget about stopping at service stations to get Krispy Kreme donuts! Yum!
Once we park up in Brighton we take a walk along the beach towards the Pier, only this time we decided to have Lunch in Ask Italian (another family favourite...and it being in Brighton, even better apparently) as it was just up one of the side streets near us. Although we was kind of in the town we weren't planning to go shopping :(
When we finished having our lunch we headed back towards the seafront to walk to the Pier. Brighton beach is absolutely lovely. There are so many cafe's and restaurants you can eat at and so many little shops where you can purchase something to remember your trip! We like to come back to these shops on the walk back to the car.

Brighton Pier is definitely my favourite place to go and taking a photo in their photo thing (what do you call this?) is definitely a must!! Although Brighton Pier is well known for its Arcades, I'm not exactly good at arcade games but it's so much fun to just experience the atmosphere of the arcade. I don't really know what you call this arcade game but I'm going to go by what the toy aliens call it in Toy Story, I really love 'The Claw' machines. I never win though :(
We carried on through the arcades and back onto the pier where the fair rides were. By this point you have to stop and take a look at the beautiful view of Brighton! (take lots of photos!) The views are breathless. I've only ever been to Brighton during the day but I could probably tell that night time would be even more beautiful. Plans are for next time to go on the wheel!

The fair had so many rides that you could go on, they even had my favourite ride 'The Sizzler'. We didn't go on any of the rides but it was fun to watch people go round. There's so much to do on Brighton Pier. As the fair is pretty much the end of the Pier we made our way back down, there's a few little shops and little places you can get ice cream and dinky donuts from and of course lets not forget the fish and chips! I just happened to have got candy floss :)
Once we were back at the entrance of the Pier we then took a stroll to the little shops by the seafront. These shops I adore because they have little random things that are so cute, and you can never leave Brighton without buying Brighton Rock! I also ended up getting a bracelet as well and a postcard of Brighton which I have put on my wall.
We then made our way back to the car and drove all the way home. What's nice about driving through Brighton is looking at the pretty little houses and look at the houses in the millions! Everything in Brighton is so pretty!
Once we were about 15 minutes out of Brighton, I fell asleep and pretty much woke up near enough close to home, I was so tired after our day out but had so much fun!

Do you live in Brighton? Where's some nice places you'd recommend for us to visit next time?

I hope you enjoyed my little post about my day in Brighton! I had a wonderful day with my family. I have a few more adventures to come so I may do a post like this for them as well so let me know what you think about me doing that.

I hope you have a lovely Father's Day Weekend. Posts will hopefully become more frequent soon! See you in my next post, 

Jessica xo

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