25 May 2015

New Look - Summer Wishlist 2015

Hello There,

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday!

June is right round the corner and Summer is almost here yay! I was going to do this as a Spring Wishlist a while ago but around the time I was browsing on the website I thought I would wear the clothes more in the Summer, which is why I decided to postpone the post and combine it with Summer!

My Spring/Summer Wishlist

*Dress - £22.99
I always like to wear a nice flowy dress in the Summer, whether it's going to the beach or just going out with friends, I like to stay cool with a pretty dress when it's hot outside. I have something fairly similar to this only instead of the floral bottom mines just white the same as the top.

*Orange Top - £4.99
This top comes in so many colours ah! I really like this orange colour, in fact I've become overly obsessed with this colour lately, and bright colours are great for the Summer!!

*Floral Kimono - £19.99
I'm also loving Kimono's lately. You can get so many patterns and designs that it makes it so hard to choose one. I know I said I was staying well away from the black this Summer but I couldn't help falling in love with this black kimono with bright blue flowers on it, they just caught my eye! 

*Mint Bag - £17.99
I'm really loving the colour of this bag. It comes in other colours such as white, yellow and dark blue. However it doesn't quite look mint to me, but it still is a nice colour for the Summer. I may have to purchase it on my next outing! 

*Hair Bow - £2.99
I have so many hair accessories. I have one for nearly every occasion, and there's even some for rainy days. Always prepared! Judging by my wishlist I think you could guess that I'm really loving the mint/light blue colour trend haha. 

*Blue Top 915 Generation - £19.99
Loving the blue again! I always find these tops comfortable to wear on a chilled day. I'd probably also pair this with a kimono as well. I wasn't a fan of buying plain tops because they were just well...plain so I was always the one to buy a graphic top, and now this year I'm loving all of these bright Summery colours that I can't help myself now. 

*Bikini 915 Generation - £9.99
This bikini is perfect for a holiday! I'm not going on holiday this year :( but a girl can dream! 

*Lilac Bag - £22.99
I love the fact that this bag is a rucksack! How mega cute! I've always liked these sort of rucksacks but never really liked the designs most shops done and then this bag appeared, and let's not forget to mention how many colours there was to choose from. I'm 100% with this lilac colour. This bag would be really good to take on holiday. It's big enough to put all of your essentials. 

Can't decide between this lilac bag and the mint bag! :( 

*Blue Sandals 915 Generation - £19.99
Oh blue again? haha. These sandals would go well this the blue top I found. It's always nice to ditch the black winter boots and bring out all the bright coloured shoes and sandals. Bright colours make people happy :) 

It was only until halfway through this post I realised that I was obsessed with the colour blue. What's your Summer colour? 
It's nearly Summer!!!! :) 
Enjoy your day and I shall see you in my next post, 

Jessica xo

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