15 May 2015

New Look | Spring OOTD

Hey Guys,

Finally I've done an OOTD post! In Spring I think it's definitely the time to wear floral, even if it's a flower hair accessory or a flower necklace, it's always nice to wear something floral for this season and here's my outfit :)

*Top - New Look - £9.99
*Floral Kimono - 915 Generation New Look - £12.99
*Watermark Jeans - New Look - £22.99
*Shoes - 915 Generation New Look - £17.99

And I've finally ditched the black and brought a bit of colour into my fashion life. New Look is one of my favourite shops so a majority of my wardrobe is pretty much New Look! It wasn't until I put this outfit on that I thought I pretty much own the shop haha!
The watermark jeans are quite different for me, normally I just wear plain black jeans so this was a change, and I liked it! I paired the jeans with a pink lightweight top that has a crochet pattern on the hem and then I wore my floral kimono on top to give the outfit a bit more colour. For shoes I just wore my black ones that I got back in March, I was going to wear sandals but it was a bit too cold for that, but I can't wait to wear sandals with this outfit.
I also used my grey bag as well today that I got from New Look haha! Is that bad?

 I'm just really loving floral at the moment!
I hope you enjoyed this post, did you enjoy it? Let me know and then I can do more for you guys :)
I was thinking about doing some prom related posts as well, so keep an eye out for that.
Have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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