2 April 2015

Spring Room | Dresser

Hey Guys,

It's officially April and I've never posted in the month of April on my blog before so this is exciting. As you may know as the seasons change I like to decorate my dresser to the theme of the season and this post will show you how I create that.

This is the first time I've actually done a Spring dresser decoration. I'm not too sure what happened last year with it, I seemed to have just jumped right into Summer haha which I wouldn't mind actually doing! But this is my Spring dresser :) I actually plan to expand a little more on this, make it more flowery and Spring like.

How I did this:

It's pretty easy to do! I literally just found pictures of flowers online and then cut them out ha easy! But some flowers I changed the colours of, and then I put them under the glass top.
I then found a cute Spring scenery photo that I liked. This normally takes a while for me because it has to a perfect photo but once I found the photo I put it to size and then printed it and put it in the photo frame.
I actually wasn't going to use the bird but listening to the birds tweeting in the morning is always a good sign of Spring. I made a wall art of flying birds ages ago and took them down when we begun changing the room around and I left a few on the shelf and as I was Spring cleaning today as well as decorating my dresser so I thought I would stick the bird on the photo frame and it worked really well!
I need to do something with my cork board haha

And there you have it, a cute Spring themed dresser for Spring!

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I hope you have a lovely Easter! And I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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