8 April 2015

Dry Skin Remedy

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! :)
In today's post I thought I would share with you my go to product when it comes to dry skin.

I've spoken many times before about having dry skin throughout Winter and this product has really helped and definitely shows signs that its working.

So basically this little bottle of Vitamin E oil is good for Normal to Dry Skin. The oil is really penetrating as it is a light form of oil, which helps to soothe and moisutrise the skin. This product is enriched with naturally sourced Vitamin E...

But what is Vitamin E and why is it so important? 
Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant. This helps to maintain healthy skin, eyes and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E is found in a wide variety of food such as; Soya, Corn and Olive Oil and other good sources such as Nuts and Seeds and also Wheat (cereals).

*This product protects your skin from environmental damage as well.

I tend to use this daily. I use it every morning before applying my make up or every so often before I go to bed.You just apply and massage it into the skin. I can really feel the difference, I noticed before that my powder was becoming flakey, at first I thought it was just my moisturiser so I changed the moisturiser, but it obviously that wasn't the problem. I then had a browse around to see what was good for dry skin in my local stores and I ended up finding this facial oil. The first impression was phenomenal, before my face felt dry and horrible but now it feels great and normal! I can really tell there's a difference. There's a lot this oil can do!

I got this in Superdrug for £2.99

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Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post :)

Jessica xo 

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