30 April 2015

April Favourites 2015

Hi Everyone,

It's time for another monthly favourite!

I was quite laid back this month with using products, but here are some of my favourites!

*Scandaleyes Treme Mascara - Superdrug - £6.99
I've been hooked on the same mascara for many months now and I decided to finally change. I was using the NYC mascara before but I've decided I wanted to go back to Rimmel. I love how this mascara really makes your eyes pop and it's really long lasting! 

*Vitamin E Facial Oil - Superdrug - £2.99
I've already made a post about this product here. It's an amazing product that I use everyday! 

*John Freida 3 Day Straight - Morrisons - £6.00
I've decided to start using this product again. I like how it's not heavy on your hair and your hair is intact for pretty much 3 days! I actually have a review here

*Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser - Superdrug - £3.59
This moisturiser is probably the second best moisturiser I have used. I love how indulging it can be and it's so creamy. I actually use this moisturiser a lot more than the Good Things manuka honey one and that's my number one moisturiser! 

*Sexylook Blackhead Remover - Online - £10.00
Okay, this product is a little bit different compared to the others. They are from Taiwan and come in a set of 3. I made a post sometime ago saying that I was going to get a product that would help remove blackheads... and here it is! I saw Bubzbeauty use this and I definitely wanted to give it a try. So after a few more tries I will make a review for you guys. 

And that's it for my monthly favourites I know it wasn't much but I hope you enjoyed it :)
I hope you have a fantastic day and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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25 April 2015

The Hair Show

Hey Guys,

On Monday the 20th I took part in a Hair Show at my college, and here's a post about it! :)

Avant Garde

As I am doing Level 3 Hairdressing, a part of my course is to take part in a hair show. We had to come up with an Avant Garde hairstyle, which had to be big and whacky and we also had to come up with a Bridal/Prom hairstyle which could be styled how we wanted. My models then would have to walk down a catwalk in front of judges and then onto a stage.
We had to choose a charity that we wanted to raise money for, and we chose Cervical Cancer Awareness.
So here's what happened...

Sunday, April 19th
I picked up my friend after work as she was sleeping over at mine because it made it easier to get to college as we were leaving at 7am! The night consisted of sorting out a few last minute things, packing everything into a bag for the hair show and catching up on pretty little liars!

Monday, April 20th
05:45 am - Time to wake up!
07:00 am - Plans to leave for college at 7 have failed! Breakfast time!
07:30 am - Finally arrive at college, the earlier the better.

07:45 am - I start my Avant Garde hairstyle. I was doing the solar system.

Finished Avant Garde Look

 I used my sister to achieve this look. This took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to do which is why we were allowed to come in at 7am. I sat my sister down and section her hair into 4 ponytails, it's quite hard to describe the sections, they were kind of like shapes and letters! I started with the front section and placed Mercury at an angle, this made it look like a side swept fringe. I then carried on joining the planets around the head using clear elastic bands. I used polystyrene balls which I placed in the hair to represent the planets. I then included the sun! Once all the planets were in place I used hair chalk to colour the hair, this wasn't as messy as I thought it would be and the colours came out amazingly. A lot of hairspray was used afterwards! After that I then added battery powered lights that represented the stars.
I also had to find an outfit and design the make up so I found the galaxy dress online and the make up artist who we had done my space themed make up.

10:00 am - I started my Bridal hair.

Finished Bridal/Prom Look

I wanted to keep this cute and elegant but also simple. I curled all of my friends hair and did two braids either side of her head and made them into zig zag braids. I then secured them into the middle at the back and placed a pretty bridal accessory where I secured it. If you'd like me to do a tutorial let me know and I shall do one for you!
I had to also choose the outfit and design the make up so my friend wore her prom like dress and she done her own make up.

02:00 pm - This was the time of the show for the students of the college and also just a dress rehearsal before the main show! The local newspaper was also at this show taking a few photos and one man asked for a photo of me and my models and took our names down, so if that ends up in the newspaper I shall include the photo of it in my next post.

03:00 pm - Break time and also time for a few touch ups, like re-curling my friends hair and hair spraying my sisters hair some more!

05:00 pm - Show Time! At this show my family and the members of the public came and watched. In this show you also got judged on your hairstyles and although I didn't win, I am thankful that I took part and had lots of fun and I'm glad my family enjoyed watching the show. Everyone did so well!

06:30 pm - Home time!

I hope you enjoyed this post about my day! If you'd like to see more hair posts then let me know what you think.
I hope you have a fabulous day and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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17 April 2015

April Product Mini Haul

Hey Guys,

It's seems so long ago since my last post!
I've done a lot of shopping this April. I actually wrote everything I was buying down as a list and it got to the point where I was going off the page and I didn't want to bore you with everything so I thought I'd show you the product side of things. I've been shopping for room decor mostly this month so once everything is sorted I will get round to sharing a little room tour post with you.

So these are some of the products I bought this month...and a sponge! :) They are mostly from Superdrug and The Body Shop.

*Lipsticks - Superdrug - £3.49
For a while I've been wanting to buy a new colour lipstick and I really loved these colours. At the moment I'm really liking the Gossip Girl, it's like a pinky colour with a bit of shimmer, kind of like the NYC Blue Rose that I used to wear. I also have Plumalicious and Passion which are also nice colours, I just avoid these two colours more as they have a strange smell to them that puts me off them.

*Nivea Fruity Shine Watermelon - Superdrug - £2.49
I should probably admit that I am obsessed with lip balm, but I found this lip balm and I thought I don't actually own a watermelon lip balm, I always end up buying strawberry or cherry so I kind of had to buy it! I smells so nice and is really moisturising.

*Vitamin E Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser - The Body Shop - £20.00
If you read my Vitamin E facial oil post then you probably know why I have this. I was really impressed with the facial oil that I thought I would try these three together and I love it. It just leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturised and it never feels oily. I managed to get this as a set which worked out cheaper so I got that instead :)

*Fuji Green Tea Body Wash and Sponge - The Body Shop - £6.00 and £2.00
I think I've shown my addiction to The Body Shop and they recently released a new range of Fuji Green Tea. I think just about everyone knows my obsession with their shower gels so I had to get this one and as well as the sponge, the colours went well together so I can't wait to use them!

And that's all the products I've bought this April. I have an exciting post coming next for you (I'm doing a hair show!) so make sure you keep an eye out for it! I can't wait to show you, I've been preparing this for a while which is why I haven't posted as much recently, but you'll see that it was worth it in the end!
What would you like to see me do more of on my blog?
I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll be sure to show you everything I've done for the hair show from beginning to end! Wish me luck! And I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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8 April 2015

Dry Skin Remedy

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! :)
In today's post I thought I would share with you my go to product when it comes to dry skin.

I've spoken many times before about having dry skin throughout Winter and this product has really helped and definitely shows signs that its working.

So basically this little bottle of Vitamin E oil is good for Normal to Dry Skin. The oil is really penetrating as it is a light form of oil, which helps to soothe and moisutrise the skin. This product is enriched with naturally sourced Vitamin E...

But what is Vitamin E and why is it so important? 
Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant. This helps to maintain healthy skin, eyes and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E is found in a wide variety of food such as; Soya, Corn and Olive Oil and other good sources such as Nuts and Seeds and also Wheat (cereals).

*This product protects your skin from environmental damage as well.

I tend to use this daily. I use it every morning before applying my make up or every so often before I go to bed.You just apply and massage it into the skin. I can really feel the difference, I noticed before that my powder was becoming flakey, at first I thought it was just my moisturiser so I changed the moisturiser, but it obviously that wasn't the problem. I then had a browse around to see what was good for dry skin in my local stores and I ended up finding this facial oil. The first impression was phenomenal, before my face felt dry and horrible but now it feels great and normal! I can really tell there's a difference. There's a lot this oil can do!

I got this in Superdrug for £2.99

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Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post :)

Jessica xo 

2 April 2015

Spring Room | Dresser

Hey Guys,

It's officially April and I've never posted in the month of April on my blog before so this is exciting. As you may know as the seasons change I like to decorate my dresser to the theme of the season and this post will show you how I create that.

This is the first time I've actually done a Spring dresser decoration. I'm not too sure what happened last year with it, I seemed to have just jumped right into Summer haha which I wouldn't mind actually doing! But this is my Spring dresser :) I actually plan to expand a little more on this, make it more flowery and Spring like.

How I did this:

It's pretty easy to do! I literally just found pictures of flowers online and then cut them out ha easy! But some flowers I changed the colours of, and then I put them under the glass top.
I then found a cute Spring scenery photo that I liked. This normally takes a while for me because it has to a perfect photo but once I found the photo I put it to size and then printed it and put it in the photo frame.
I actually wasn't going to use the bird but listening to the birds tweeting in the morning is always a good sign of Spring. I made a wall art of flying birds ages ago and took them down when we begun changing the room around and I left a few on the shelf and as I was Spring cleaning today as well as decorating my dresser so I thought I would stick the bird on the photo frame and it worked really well!
I need to do something with my cork board haha

And there you have it, a cute Spring themed dresser for Spring!

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I hope you have a lovely Easter! And I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

1 April 2015

I'm On Facebook!

Hey guys just a quick update,

I've finally put my blog on Facebook on it's own page! So go ahead and like it! I'll be able to do a lot more through Facebook, like connecting with you guys.


At the moment there isn't a lot going on because I've only just created it, but things will come! Be sure to like it for updates and many more other things!
I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo
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