16 March 2015

Spring Nail Collection

Hello Everyone! 

In today's post I thought I would share with you my Spring nail polish collection. The one thing I love about Spring (and pretty much every other season) is the colours. Spring you have the pastel colours, Summer is more for bright colours that really pop and catch your eye! Autumn is more dark purples and reds and for Winter it's more greys and dark colours. So I thought I would share with you the colours I chose for this Spring.

So you all know my obsession for NYC nail polish but I have chosen a few other brands as well!

*Barry M Silk Mist from Superdrug for £3.99
I've always liked silk material, I don't know why but it's just a soft delicate material. When I saw this nail polish I was really eager to try it out. I really like the finished look, it really looks like silk! I also chose this pastel blue because it caught my eye more compared to the others, I feel like everyone always goes for a pastel pink or purple so I thought I'd be different and go for the pastel blue and I really liked it.

*NYC 300 Spring Tulip nail polish from Superdrug for £1.79
I've been using this colour for over a year. My Sister has been using this colour a lot as well, she used it more in the late Spring early Summer. It's definitely a nice pinky colour, I like how it's got a more peachy tone to it and is definitely a colour to wear during Spring!

*NYC 325 Raindrop nail polish from Superdrug for £1.79
This is such a pretty nail polish colour! I've had so many compliments about this colour, so it's really a must have in my opinion! I love the shade of blue and the name of it 'Raindrop' it really gives it the Spring feel because 'April showers, bring May flowers' it's perfect!

*NYC 246 Park Ave nail polish from Superdrug for £1.79
I thought I'd best add a nude colour in, though this colour is like a dark beige colour. I like this colour because it's neutral and will go with anything you wear.

*Models Own HyperGel Pink Veneer from Superdrug for £4.99
When I saw this colour I just had to buy it. I love pastel pink nail polish, and this certain shade of pastel pink was unbelievably cute! I've already worn it once and I've gotten a lot of compliments about it. I love it when people compliment your nails!

*NYC 190 Long Time Lavender from Superdrug for £2.49
I guess for Spring the most popular colour I'd go for is pastel pink. This is the third pink nail polish I have spoken about in this post haha. I love this one because it has a shimmer to it so it's not just a block colour which makes it very different to the other pinks I've chosen.

*Models Own Mint Icing from Models Own for £4.99
I was browsing around on the Models Own website and I was looking at the Icing collection because everyone seems to be going mad about them! I was looking at the colours and the one that stood out to me more was the 'Mint Icing'. I really liked the colour and I've never owned a mint colour nail polish before! While my Sister was out shopping I asked her if she could buy it for me if she came across it and she managed to do so and I'm loving the colour so much! I'm currently debating whether to buy the rest of the Icing collection now.

*NYC 355 Lavender Blossom from Superdrug for £1.79
I also love a light purple colour as well for Spring! It can be pastel purple or a really nice light shade of purple, like this one. I wear this shade quite a lot because it goes well with a lot of my outfits and isn't too harsh of a colour. I also prefer to do a Spring nail art with this purple background with a few daisies. I used this for my Valentines nail art, I think the colour really reminds you of Spring.


And that's my Spring Nail Collection! I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm trying my best to be active at the moment as I've been quite busy recently but I definitely have post planned for you which I hope you all like.
I hope you all have an amazing day and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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