26 March 2015

March Haul

Hi Everyone!

So this was suppose to be a 'mini' haul, but then I kind of gathered everything together and thought that there was quite a lot of things, so this mini haul isn't so mini! I've also been at work and college which is why I haven't been posting as much as I have been, and I've also had a change around with my room with new furniture and all that so I'll make a post about that for you soon, the background in the photo is my new bed cover so that can be a bit of a teaser for you until I show you my new room!

I got a new job at the end of February in a town that's a 35 minute drive away from where I live. I had to go there a few times to get use to it, or as I like to call it 'get my bearings' and well...they have a lot of shops I like and the shops are also massive! So if I have time after work I tend to go for a walk about to have a look around before everything shuts. 

What I bought:


*Grey Dress - New Look - £19.99
I'm absolutely in love with this dress. If you read my blog you'd know that I had a grey dress similar to this in my 'The Grey Wishlist' post. I found this cute little dress in New Look and I never want to take it off. It's perfect for going out in.

*Shoes - New Look - £17.99
These shoes actually go really well with the grey dress! I also love that these shoes go with skirts and loads of other dresses. I always have that problem with wearing a skirt or dress and finding the perfect shoes to go with them, it's quite difficult I think. I found these shoes in the 915 section in New Look. I have small feet so I sometimes have a little look at the teen shoes. 

*White T-shirt - New Look - £6.99 
Nothing interesting for a plain white t-shirt. I actually got this because we are wearing white t-shirts for the hair show at college, which this one is actually getting writing printed onto it so I may buy another one that I can wear in the summer. I just loved how flowy it is. 

*Bag - New Look - £29.99
So I actually managed to get this grey bag that I have been drooling over for the last couple of weeks! I put it on my grey's wishlist and now I finally own it! It's a really good size for me because it has two sections, one where I put my purse and keys and bits like that and the other section where I put my lunch and college books. I really like how on college days my books and lunch fit perfectly in the second section and then on work days I just take my college books out and put my lunch in. Everything fits! 


*Clean and Clear Moisturiser and Morning Energy Products - Superdrug - £3.59, £3.99 and £3.99
I already did a post about the Morning Energy products, so you can read that at any time. I bought the moisturiser because I always use the Good Things moisturiser and I fancied a change and seeing as I was using new morning products I wanted a new morning moisturiser as well! haha 

*Models Own Mint Icing and Pink Veneer - Superdrug and Models Own - £4.99 and £4.99
I really fancied trying Models Own nail brand and seeing as we are going into Spring I thought I'd try these colours for Spring. I included them in my 'Spring Nail Collection' post. I really like this brand and plan to buy more colours!


*To Do List - Clintons - Price Unknown
Trust me to forget the price of this, but it's a definite must have! Ever since I have gotten this to do list I've never felt more organised and nothing is forgotten to be done now. It's cute and I use each column everyday to make it easier. 

 *Vitamin E Facial Oil - Superdrug - £2.99
Okay, okay, okay. How many times have I said that I've found a solution to my dry skin? Well now I really have. I found this Vitamin E oil in Superdrug and it really does the trick! I apply it every morning and night and massage in before applying a moisturiser, and for the whole day my face feels completely normal! So glad I have this product now.

*Pauls Boutique Powder Brush - Superdrug - £6.99
There's nothing really to say about this powder brush, I just needed a powder brush and well...this one was pink and soft! So yeah I got this one haha

*Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels - Clintons - £6.75
Seeing as I'm sorting my room out I thought I would purchase my first ever Yankee Candle! I got a tea light holder so I wanted to have the tea lights on this occasion and I decided to go for the fluffy towel scent because I thought it smelt amazing and all fresh for Spring! I want to have more of a collection with Yankee Candles, so what's your favourite scented Yankee Candle? I'll check them out on my next visit! 

I hope you enjoyed this March Haul, there'll probably be more items in April haha! 
I also can't believe I'm nearly on 500 followers! Thank you! :) What do you guy's think about a giveaway? What would you like to see in the giveaway? Give me some ideas and I'll put something together for you all! 
Have a lovely week and I shall see you in my next post! 

Jessica xo

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