30 March 2015

March Favourites 2015

Hi Guys,

We are already at the end of March and Spring is here! I can definitely tell that Spring is here because it hasn't stopped raining, and to make everything more cheery I thought I'd share with you my March favourites.

For this month I have chosen:

*Clean & Clean Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Lotion
This is probably the third post this product has been mentioned in! Take a look at the morning products to find out more about this product.

*Hair Bow
I always like accessorising with hair bows as you can get so many different colours and designs. I have quite a lot! The small ones like this black polka dot one came in a set of three bows, so you can imagine how many bows I currently have haha. I love wearing this hair bow because it goes with everything. I got this bow in New Look for £3.99.

*Clean & Clear Truly Gentle Facial Wipes
As you can tell I've been experimenting with a range of different product brands as to the usual kind. I found my eyes were beginning to become a bit sensitive when I was using the Good Things facial wipes so I started using Simple facial wipes and found that they weren't for me so I started using the Clean & Clear facial wipes and found that they are much more nicer on the skin. I got these in Superdrug for £3.09.

*Models Own Nail Polish
I talk a lot about this product in my Spring Nail Collection post here.

*Mud Mask
I really like these little mud mask. You can get them pretty much anywhere for £1.00, which is really cheap and they work so well. I recently went to my local Morrisons store and they were selling 5 mud masks for £3.00 and I couldn't say no to that! I really like using these every now and then. I find they work really well. I've used this Deep Sea and the Honey Peel Off masks and I absolutely loved the Honey one. It was a bit weird putting the mask on at first because it felt like honey and felt a bit sticky but the outcome was amazing and peeling off the mask was quite fun as well.

*Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser
This has been my ultra emergency cleanser recently. It doesn't get rid of blackheads completely but it tones them down well enough so you can't see them. I've recently purchased a product that I want to try that gets rid of blackheads so once that's come and I've given it a try a few times I shall review it, but for now this is my blackhead remover! I got this in Superdrug for £3.49

*Argan Oil
I included this product in my February Favourites, so if you want to take a look at that you can here. This product is so nice to use and is from Superdrug for £6.99.

*Baylis and Harding Beauticology Mango And Mandarin Shower Gel
So after receiving the Beauticology Strawberry and Pomegranate shower gel for Christmas I thought I'd try the other scents out. I actually found them all in Morrisons for £3.00 which I thought was quite a good reasonable price. I really love the mango and mandarin one so far though! It smells so nice! However it's started to annoy me because it definitely smells of something from my childhood and I can't think of what it is and I'm dying to know what it is! 

And that's all for my March Favourites. I hope you enjoyed this post. What sort of posts would you like to see more of? i.e: Nail art, DIY, Hair tutorials? Leave a comment and let me know.
Thank you so much for getting me to 500 followers! I seriously didn't think I would have this many on my blog so thank you! 
I hope you enjoy your day and I shall see you in my next post, 

Jessica xo

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