2 February 2015

Valentines Gift Ideas For Her

Hey Guys!

With Valentines Day right round the corner, I thought I'd kick start February with a 'Gift Idea for Her' post. This is a perfect time for you lovely ladies to give a hint to your other halves on what you want from them! I found a variety of things that vary in price but us ladies are suppose to be spoiled on Valentines Day, aren't we!?

What did I find?

*Pandora Heart Ring - I absolutely love this ring! I even tried it on in the shop on their ring stand because it was that pretty and I literally wanted it there and then! I really liked the red one but you can also get this ring in pink and a white crystal colour, I like all three but I much prefer the red one! Definitely wanting this for Valentine's Day! You can get this at Pandora for £35.00.
*Yes from Lush - I think it's so nice to receive a nice gift set of a variety of products. I found this Lush 'Yes' set from Lush for £22.50. This lovely set comes with a 'Yes Yes Yes' massage bar, Prince Charming shower gel, African Paradise body conditioner and The Kiss Lip Gloss. What a nice way to relax and feel good on Valentines Day!
*Philosophy Peppermint Stick set - I love Philosophy shower gels and when I found this set on the Philosophy website for £9.00 (Click here for gift) I couldn't resit not to add it to my Valentine gift ideas! Although Peppermint Stick can come across as quite Christmassy, it's still nice and refreshing to bathe in. A perfect relaxation gift for all you girlies!
*Bird Charm - I found this lovely Bird Charm in Thomas Sabo for £50.00. If you already have a Thomas Sabo bracelet and are wanting a new charm then this is a must have this Valentines! Or if you are wanting a bracelet as well as a charm then this could be your charm! I like how it has crystals all over so it gives it that extra bit of sparkle that all girls love!
*Bracelet - I found this bracelet in Thomas Sabo as well and costs £29.95. I think it looks really nice and elegant and would make a perfect gift for any girl. You can get this bracelet in many different colours and style of beads, I chose the pink because I thought it was more girly and cute!
*Key Charm - I found this charm in Thomas Sabo as well for £21.95. I thought it went really well with the pink bracelet, but you can chose any charm you'd like!
*I Love You Charm - I found this cute little charm in Pandora for £30.00. This charm is perfect to add to your Pandora bracelet or is an ideal starter charm for your bracelet. A charm to make you smile everyday and more!
*Mug - I found this 'Good Morning Mrs Lovely' mug on the Lisa Angel website for £10.00. I thought this would make a perfect gift for any early morning riser who has a hot drink in the morning! And what makes this mug even cuter is inside the mug it says 'Have A Nice Day!' Perfect for a lonely morning if your other half is away! You can get the mug here.
*Love Cushion - I always love a cushion, especially the little decorative ones! I found this cushion in Asda for £9.00. This cushion would look great on your bed or even on your sofa, where ever you please! Spread the love with this cushion haha!
*Flowers - All girls love receiving flowers! I really liked this flower vase with flowers from Asda for £14.00. These flowers may be artificial but they will last forever and a day! And they even come in a cute little vase.
*Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume - Getting perfume for Valentines means you've been spoiled a lot! I found the Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume in The Perfume Shop for £61.50 for the 100ml. This is definitely what every girl wants for Valentines Day!

I hope this post gave you a few ideas for Valentines Day!
I have a few more Valentines related post coming your way so make sure you follow to keep updated.

I hope you have a lovely day and I'll see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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