24 February 2015

The Grey Wishlist

Hey Guys, 

How are we all?
I've recently had an obsession with the colour Grey, I don't know why, it just seems to be my Winter colour. I always wear grey nail polish mostly in Winter and when New Look released their new 'Grey' collection I couldn't help myself but to do a wishlist for it! If you haven't noticed already, New Look is my number one clothing shop where I buy most of my clothes from so New Look will be mentioned a lot in this post so I do apologize in advance!

Where do I start?
Top Row!

*Square Crop Top - New Look for £12.99.
I was looking on the New Look website and as soon as I saw this top I fell in love! I think this top would make a great going out top, I can think of so many outfits I could make with this top, I love it.

*Grey Bag - New Look for £29.99.
I actually walked past this in the shop and it was pretty much love at first sight. I love how it's the perfect size bag, not too big and not too small, just right. It's ideal for days out shopping or taking it to work. It's smart and elegant and I love the mix shade of grey and purple together, really gives the bag some character. I wasn't sure about the handle at first as it was a snake skin kind of effect, but it's really grown to me. Definitely my next purchase.

*Grey Dress - sheinside.com for £12.95. You can get it here.
I found this pretty grey dress on the sheinside website. Looking around in other clothing stores I've realised that these sort of dresses are coming into fashion a bit more and having a grey one would be perfect! Though I don't want it to come across as a bit like school uniform so I'm having second thoughts about it, haha.

*Cat Jumper - sheinside.com for £16.30. You can get it here.
If you know me well you'll know that I'm madly obsessed with cats and I don't even know why. No matter what a cat will just make me smile. When I found this jumper with the cat on it I smiled, turns out even just a cat on a jumper can make me smile! I even love that it has a collar. What I love most is wearing a blouse with a jumper, so this jumper is definitely a must have!

*Grey Blouse - New Look for £17.99.
Like I mentioned above, I really like to wear blouses. I tend to wear a few coloured blouses but I've never had a grey one. I think grey would be a bit different. I found this blouse on the New Look website and it just so happens to come in 8 different colours! That's more colours for me to buy!

*Boots - New Look for £59.99.
Do you ever go shopping and find something you love so much that you don't take notice of the price? I've never fallen so in love with a pair of boots before and when I realized the price I was shocked at first, but the 'real leather' tab made it obvious as to why these boots were so pricey. I think these boots are absolutely adorable!

*Jumper - New Look for £12.99.
Turtle necks are beginning to come back into fashion I think, I never used to really see anyone wear them and they've definitely popped up in shops more. I think this cosy grey one would be nice to chill in on those cold Wintry days with a hot chocolate and book to read. Makes me feel cosy already!

I hope you enjoyed my grey themed wishlist. I think I will do a themed or colour wishlist every so often, maybe to go with the season colours, or just in general more wishlists! I can't believe we are nearly at the end of February already, this year needs to slow down!

Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post

Jessica xo

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