9 February 2015

Easy Valentine Nail Art

Hey Guys,

I think a nail art post is well over due! So here is a nail art design for Valentine's Day! It's so quick and easy to do so don't worry if you can't do nail art. I got inspiration off of Instagram from @nailsartvidss. I thought I'd do my own little version of it so follow my two simple steps and you will achieve this look in no time! These nails are so cute and will definitely top off your outfit for Valentines Day!

What you will need: 
*White Nail Polish
*Black Nail Polish
*Gold Nail Polish (or silver if preferred)
*Purple Nail Polish (or colour of own choice)
*Top Coat
*Pink Dotting Tool/Hair Grip/Tooth Pick

How to do it:

1.) Before painting your nails make sure you've cleaned and filed them to the shape you want. Once you have done that go ahead and paint 3 of your nails the choice of colour you have chosen and then paint your thumb and ring finger white. 


2.) After they have dried it's time to make the hearts! This is not complicated as it seems! Using the black, gold and the colour you have chosen for your nails, create little 'V' shapes with each of the colours onto the nails you have painted white, making them bolder as you create the V, you can make them big or small and can add as many as you like to your nail. I thought it was cute to add one gold heart to the nail as well to give it a more of cuter look. Then apply with a top coat to add a dazzling shine!
You should end up with something like this

And there you have it! In two simple steps you have created this cute heart nail art for Valentine's Day! 

I hope you enjoyed my very easy nail art tutorial! Keep practicing and you'll do it in no time. If you give this a go please post a photo on Instagram, follow and tag me @jessicabeautyxox I would love to see your creations! And also a big thank you for getting me to 400 followers on bloglovin! So thank you so much for that! It means everything to me!
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post! 

Jessica xo

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