6 February 2015

DIY - Valentine Love Bunting

Hey Guys,

How are you all today? I've been thinking about doing a Valentine DIY room decor post for a while now and I thought I'd share it with you today. It definitely wasn't hard to make either and I think I might make a few more room decor to make it feel extra Valentine-y!

So to make this cute bunting you will need:
*A4 Card/Paper x3 (any colour you like) Mine was 2 White and 1 Pink

How to make the bunting:

1.) Fold the first piece of your A4 card/paper in half and cut down the folded line using scissors. This creates 2 of the buntings already! So then you want to do this again with the other pierce of card/paper so you end up with 4 halves.

2.) This part can come across as being quite tricky, as you can see I struggled a bit as I free hand this but you can use a ruler. Basically you want to cut a triangle off at the bottom of each 4 of the bits of card or paper you have, so you get something like this. 

3.) Using the other piece of coloured card/paper you are using, do the same as what you did in Step 1 but instead of folding the card/paper in half fold the card/paper into quarters. 

Here's an example of the sizing

4.) One you have done that, follow the same again in Step 2. Once you have done that you should end up with something that looks like this

5.) You can go either way with this step, I chose to go onto Microsoft Word and use a cute style font for this but you can use any stencils or draw your own lettering, but if you'd like to do it this way you can! I basically just typed the word 'L O V E' spaced out like that and then changed the size, colour and style of font. What I like about doing this way is that you can be really creative and chose from thousands of different fonts to give it a personal unique touch. 
I used the font Bookman Old Style font and sized it to 230 and used a pastel purple colour to go with the pink and white bunting. I then printed that out and cut the letters out individually. 

6.) Once I had cut all my lettering out I then put together the bunting (shown in the picture) before sticking them, as this way if I didn't like something I could easily changed it. However I quite liked what I had already so I stuck all my bunting pieces together.

7.) To make the bunting stay securely on the string I hole punched two wholes at the top of the card/paper. I did this to all 4. 

8.) After you have done that you then want to thread the bit of string/ribbon you are using through the holes making sure that the string/ribbon sits behind the bunting (as shown in picture) Once you have done that you are ready to hang your bunting wherever you like! I hung mine where my Winter mittens used to be but you can definitely hang it on your wall or even above your bed to make it look extra cute! 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post. If you'd like to see more of these posts then let me know! If you do create this I'd love to see your creations so tag me on instagram on my new blog account @jessicabeautyxox so I can see! 
I hope you enjoy your week and I shall see you in my next post!

Jessica xo


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