15 February 2015

Book Review - Let It Snow

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I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! To finish off the love of Valentine's I thought I'd do a review on the book I was reading, if you follow my blog you may already know that I was reading this book at Christmas as it was Christmas themed, I managed to finish the book recently as I sometimes don't have time to read, which is a shame. However the book is about love, so I thought it would be a nice time to do a review around the Valentine's date as it's just a perfect time for it!

Let It Snow is written by three incredible authors, such as John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, together they've created a miraculous three holiday romances love story. The stories our based on one town named 'Gracetown' and it has been buried in snow, the worse snow in fifty years to be exact and we follow three romantic stories which is touching and filled with alternative cheer. 

The Jubilee Express - Maureen Johnson

The first story we read upon is 'The Jubilee Express' which is written by Maureen Johnson. For me this happens to be one of my favourite stories of them all! When I read the last page of the story I really wanted to re-read it or demand for more, it was absolutely beautiful and it gave me such a lovey dovey feeling inside me that I just wanted to demand for more! I really liked how Maureen created Jubilee as a character, she's fun and really crazy which fitted the story nicely because it was pretty fun and crazy! This story has a magical ending and it was really cheery and Christmassy! Love it! 

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle - John Green

In John Green's story we meet three best friends, Tobin, JP and Angie, who goes by the name of The Duke. This story is a bit adventurous as Tobin and JP want to get to the Waffle House to see the cheerleaders which were on the same train as Jubilee that got caught in a snow drift. But as they drove to the Waffle House trouble was on the horizon. As trouble happened, I really liked how mischievous JP was when they were running away from the twins and he set up a trap! However the whole thing about the cheerleaders gets mentioned quite a lot, it got a bit boring in the end. This story has a beautiful ending because you really don't expect it! I loved how kind of laid back it was from the whole love situation, two separate people that have no clue but then feelings show at the end which makes it a beautiful story!

The Patron Saint of Pigs - Lauren Myracle 

This story written by Lauren Myracle is probably not as good but one of the funniest of the two.
A girl named Addie is upset about her boyfriend Jeb, which you meet in Maureen Johnson's story. This story made me laugh because it was quite quirky, which is what I like. At first I was a bit confused about the title of the story but then I caught on to the pig and got it in the end. This story did lack a bit of feeling, I thought it was a bit plain and dragged on a bit which was probably a downer to the book but it was still a Christmassy romance so I enjoyed it mostly.

All in all this book was beautiful to read, there was so many different romances and I especially loved the first one. I like how it was based around all the teenagers in Gracetown mostly, like Jeb is mentioned in Maureen's story because Jubilee meets him on the train and then you don't hear about him until Lauren's story, so I like how you know a bit about everyone. I really like John Green as an author and I've read pretty much all of his books. I'm definitely contemplating getting a book that Maureen Johnson has written as I think it will be really exciting to read and I won't be able to put it down! However I've stumbled across Lauren Myracle's books before and I just can't get hooked to them which is sad because I would have loved to have seen what she's like as her own author.

I hope you all enjoyed this review on Let It Snow. I'm currently reading another book at the moment so if you want to see a review on that let me know! If you have any book recommendations I would love to know what you would recommend me to read.
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