19 January 2015

New Look - Winter Wishlist 2015

Hey Guys,

In today's post I thought I'd share with you a Winter Wishlist that I created from one of my favourite clothes shop New Look. A lot of my clothes are from New Look so making a Wishlist this Winter was great for me! I found most of the stuff online but I've also browsed them in store as well.

So on my Wishlist this Winter I chose:

*Diamond Sequined Hat that I found for £4.00. I really like the colour of this hat and the fact that it has diamond sequins on it makes it look a whole lot cuter! It would be so nice to wear on those snowy days.
*Diamond Sequined Mittens that I found for £3.00. Can't really have a hat without a matching pair of mittens now, can we? What I love about these mittens is that you can still use your phone if you button the mitten to the glove. However I tend to use my thumb most of the time for my phone so gloves like these aren't really ideal, but then when I actually find gloves like this where I can use my thumbs I can only cover my fingers with the mittens and my thumb just gets left in the cold. Has anyone else experienced this?
*Studded Hair Bow that I found for £2.00. I've been really obsessed with hair bows lately and finding this cute studded bow made me happy. I know I have a fair few, but what's one more to lose?
*Boots that I found for £27.99. I absolutely love these. They definitely are similar to Timberland boots. You can get these boots in burgundy as well. I actually tried both of them on at the same time, I had the tan colour boot on one foot and the burgundy on the other foot, crazy I know! They were both a size 3 and I'm unfortunately a size 4 but I was really surprised that I fitted well into them still! If I ever come across a pair in my size I will definitely have to buy them!
*Bag that I found for £24.99. I have my moments with bags. I'll have one for a few months and then change and sometimes I don't actually know how often this change is. When I saw the colour of this back I was automatically in love with it, I just love the shade of blue! Definitely a must have for Summer as well!
*Grey Crop Top that I found for £12.99. At first I was a bit like 'Crop top? In Winter? Really?' But then I thought it would really go well with a pair of high waisted jeans. I really love the grey sort of coloured jumpers.
*Pink Blouse that I found for £17.99. If you know me, you would know that I wear blouses quite a lot. So finding this pink pastel blouse was great! I would definitely wear it a lot in the Spring as the colour is perfect for it!
*Black Jeans that I found for £24.99. I'm not really a Jean person, but I thought these would look different than the Jeggings that I normally wear. I felt like I needed a change in wardrobe!
*Wellies that I found for £17.99. I saved the best until last! I'm actually in love with these Wellies and I think I'm going to have to end up actually buying them! I've been trying to find them for about 3 days now before I buy them online. I think it's a good time of year to have Wellies due to the Snow and Rain and I haven't worn a pair of Wellies for years! So these are a definite must have at the moment and I will find them and have them! Wellies are a must!

I hope you enjoyed this sort of post, I have similar post like these coming in the near future. I'd also like to say thank you for getting me to 300 followers! You don't understand how much that means to me! Honestly, thank you! I have so much more to come.
Enjoy your day, and I'll see you in my next post!

What's on your Winter Wishlist? 

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