21 January 2015

January Mini Haul

Hey Guys, 

I recently went shopping, so I thought I would do a 'January Mini Haul'! I only went into a few shops, I wasn't really suppose to buy anything but with a few sales and some things that I thought were cute or needed I kind of had to! I'm terrible with that sort of stuff haha! I just love shopping!

Okay, so before I went anywhere I quickly stopped off in Sally's! The reason I went here was because Crazy Color released some Valentine colours, so I thought it would be nice to have a Valentine colour for Valentines day! I have so many colours I know! I got the Crazy Color Ruby Rouge for £6.98. If you would like to know how I apply this to my hair by myself then let me know in the comments and I shall make a tutorial.
After finding the Crazy Color I took a stroll around the shop and found some nail polishes. Another thing I tend to buy a lot of! I was looking at the sample nails to show you what the colour came out like and I was really attracted to this Nina Ultra Pro nail polish. It's so pink and glittery and I love wearing it! I got this for £4.19.
That was my little trip to Sally's done! ✓

I then drove my self to a little shopping mall with my friend to do a little bit of shopping. This is where I 'wasn't going to buy much but lets go home with nearly everything' happened. So the first thing I purchased was the Real Techniques Sponge which I got from Boots for £5.99. Everyone has been talking about it recently so I wanted to give it a try! If you want me to review this sponge let me know!
I then went to The Body Shop and basically went crazy in there! I really loved the Strawberry Body Butter that my sister got me for Christmas and then I ended up actually finding my favourite scent of all time in the Body Butter! I really love the Papaya Shower Gel, I'm in love with it so when I found that this Papaya Body Butter was reduced from £13.00 to £6.50 I definitely had to buy it! And I'm madly in love with it! Still shopping around The Body Shop I was having a little nose of their little body butters (not like I need another one) I wasn't too keen on a few but I came across this 'normal cream smelling' body butter (my friend was even sure it smelt like normal cream) I've used it once. I tend to forget that with the little body butters the scent name is on the back in small print so once I actually applied it and remembered where the scent name was it actually was Olive! Yes I know OLIVE! It's not actually too bad at the moment but it's still the thought of it. I got this for £5.00.
My next and final purchase was a bit different. I've always wanted a pair of glasses to wear as a fashion statement, crazy I know. Glasses don't tend to suit me but I found these Star Glasses in Claire's Accessories for £6.00. I'm wearing them in the photo below them and I think they look super cute and it's just a bit different. I don't wear them all the time, only when it suits the outfit that I want to wear.
Shopping done!  ✓

 I hope you enjoyed my January Mini Haul! May have more hauls to come depending on when I go shopping! If you'd like any tutorials or reviews on anything please let me know in the comments!

Have a great week, and I'll see you in my next post!

What was your best purchase this January?

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