29 January 2015

January Favourites 2015

Hey Guys! 

It's the first monthly favourite of 2015! It feels so long ago when I did the last monthly favourite of 2014. 

So what are my favourites for January?


So if you read my blog you'll know that I got this Beauticology Shower Gel in my Christmas stocking last Christmas and I started using it on New Years Eve day and I have continued to use it throughout the most of January. It smells of Strawberry and Pomegranate and I absolutely love it! It's one of those shower gels that make you feel so relaxed and smelling really nice! The only down side to this is the pump. I'm not really for the whole pumping shower gels as I feel that only hand wash soap should have them as you get enough on you hands...not for your body! So I've been unscrewing the bottle and using it like that, but doesn't matter! I still love how long lasting it is! But I feel like I should change and try other scents, so what ones do you recommend?

I'm someone who just doesn't like Olives, and when I accidentally brought this, well, it was pretty amazing really. I applied it to myself thinking it was just a nice a cream smelling body butter and then after applying that's when I found out it was Olive! I really like using body butter from The Body Shop and this one was only £5.00. I've really grown to using it!

So this is what kind of started the whole craze of body butters! My sister got me the Strawberry body butter for Christmas which you can find in The Body Shop. When I first opened the pot I loved the smell! It smelt so strawberrily (new word hah!) I applied this after having my shower and I felt so moisturised for ages! And it feels so good on your body, hence why I keep going back to get more!

Okay, so I got this Rimmel London Foundation from Superdrug for £7.99. I needed a new one because the one I was using before which I have featured in my blog a couple of times was becoming no good to me so it was time for a change! I think this foundation is very long lasting, which it even states this on the bottle so it does what it says! I like to apply my foundation with a clean sponge and I find that it applies well and evenly on my face. I've currently brought the Real Techniques Sponge and it's brilliant with that!

I've also mentioned this before on my blog but I've brought it back because at the start of January I was feeling a bit run down with a cold and Tea Tree always helps to make you breathe better so I thought why not start using this moisturiser again! As soon as I applied it to my face I could smell the slightly strong smell of tea tree as it was on my face and I could feel the sensation of 'I can breathe again!' I got this in Superdrug for £3.29.

I absolutely love dying the ends of my hair! I know its not a good thing but I find that Crazy Color doesn't affect your hair as much as most hair dyes would. So at the start of January I thought I'd go one of the colours that I got for Christmas. It's called 'Bordeaux' Bordeaux is a little town in France where they make wine! And you know how people say that wine stains are really hard to get out? Well... I dyed my hair the night before college and after washing the colour out after I applied it, well it definitely acted like a wine stain indeed! Never experienced a messy colour like this one! My shower ended up turning pink which was bizarre to me because none of the other colours managed to do this. I also always get the colour on my hand, I wear one glove on one hand and leave the other one gloveless so I am able to pick up things without getting colour on them but I do get colour more on my hand! Better the hand than on the bathroom tiles! But normally the colour would was off after a bit of a scrub, but this colour really wouldn't budge! I had to go college with a pink hand, I went on the crazy color website to see how I could remove it and in a few days it eventually died down! Phew! I also washed my hair with cold water to make the colour last longer and it did!

So I mentioned that my face was becoming dry this month and I felt that using a daily moisturiser wasn't going to fix things! I'm sure I've spoken about this product before but this Simple Night Cream really does moisturise your face through the night until you wash it off in the morning, so I've been using more of this lately. I got this in Superdrug for £5.59.

This is the Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Mist Spray. I've only used probably 4 of the average size bottles before but my sister was having a bit of a clear out of products and she asked me if I wanted this 250ml bottle! I immediately said yes. The little bottles that were 100ml ran out quite quick due to me using them quite a lot so when she let me have this one I was so happy! And it's lasting me a long time now. You can find this in Boots for £6.50, or if you prefer you can get the 100ml one for £3.50.

I always save the best until last! And I know it isn't shown in the main thumbnail of this post, I thought it was too big and wouldn't fit in the photo, but here it is! My Yoga Mat! I got this in Asda for £7.00 and I absolutely love it. I never really have new year resolutions but on the at the start of January I decided that this year was a working out sort of year, but that was easier said than done! So I thought buying a yoga mat would motivate me more, and it has! I've been working out everyday since the 16th of January so far! I'm really proud of my self for doing this. Let me know if you would like to see what sort of workouts I do in the comments and I'll do a blog post about it!

I hope you enjoyed the first monthly favourites of 2015! What sort of posts would you like to see me do more of this year?
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I shall see you in my next post!

What's your January favourites?

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