27 January 2015

How To Feel Confident About Yourself

Hey Guys, 

So today's post is a little bit different to what I usually do but I wanted to talk about something that is really important in itself and wanted to share things with you about it. It's a topic that everyone has trouble with and hopefully having a little read about a few insecurities you might have may make you feel a little better about it, they always say talking to someone helps!

There's a lot of things you can feel insecure about and you can lose so much confidence from this. I've experienced this lately, which is why I've chosen to talk about it. I never really took much notice at first but then I noticed it was occurring more and more and I started to feel self conscious and insecure about it. Naturally I was okay with it, but then I decided to do a table on the pro's and con's of my problem

Here's my table:  

'But Jessica, you've missed the Con section'
Yes. Yes I have. This is where we lose our confidence! We mainly only think about the negative side of things which can add up to a lot of things and literally forget about the positive side of things! And I can assure you, having a pros and cons table that only shows the pros really does help, it makes you feel 100% better about yourself, just take the negativity away from it all.

Feeling more confident! ✓

That's my situation but lets talk about others.

So lets have a talk about what we find on the internet... There's definitely a lot of negative photos on Tumblr, I created my title thumbnail from the photos you can find on there. The one that got me more was the 'Am I not good enough for you?' Now this question can relate to anything. I could say 'Am I not good enough for you because my breasts are small?' but instead I won't, why should size matter? Okay so a guy liking bigger breasts finds someone with smaller breasts and puts them down about it makes everything okay? Because I'm certain enough sure that same guy will eat both a big size pepperoni pizza as well as the small size pepperoni pizza. They're different sizes but taste the same. Breasts are different sizes and are exactly the same! Pepperoni and Breasts 1 - Guy 0

Okay, so moving away from the breasts topic, lets talk about a topic that everyone likes to say, a topic that gets people so down and upset, a topic that affects our lives more than you know. 'I'm fat'.
We've all heard it from others, everyone has said it, if you haven't then you've probably thought it but lets bring the three pepperoni's back into mind, same food different size. You are the same human as everyone else just a different size. You are YOU. Things can be done to help, such as going to the gym to lose weight, all you need is A POSITIVE MIND. Motivate yourself to do it, tell your friends and family what you want to do and I am sure they will support you, I definitely will! Don't let negativity bring you down, society is cruel, but if you show your positive attitude towards things then you will overthrow them! That photo they photoshopped of someone looking beautiful and thin in that magazine you read probably took about 10-15 minutes to do and honestly who are they fooling? You can do so much better! With a positive mind and attitude you could look half as better as what they do in just 6 months! They were just airbrushed and that on a computer program and you've actually worked for it! It just takes time, even longer for others but you just have to be patient, the hard work will soon pay off and you'll be feeling more confident that ever!  So no saying 'I make elephants look skinny'

'What if I hate who I am?'
Let me stop you right there. Throughout this post I've only mentioned being positive about things, the word 'hate' comes across as negative. You are NOT fat, ugly, foolish, fussy, lazy, selfish, stingy, timid or any other word that someone calls you, you are YOU and only you can be you so lets keep that little you happy and proud of their self. Look into your mirror and say 'Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences' say it over and over until the words don't even sound like words anymore!

If people say these things to you reply with 'And?'

"You're fat" 'And?'
"You're ugly" 'And?'
"You're beautiful" 'And?'
"You're amazing" 'And?'
This definitely gets the person thinking because you've responded differently and haven't let it get to you!

A massive encouragement right here!

'So how can I be happy?'
Stop comparing yourself to others. Flaunt what you have and show the world that you are a better person, love yourself for what you have and most of all have a positive mind and smile! Always smile! Because haven't you got to smile to be happy? :) Take a long deep breath and clear the negativity away. Even the word negative! All about being POSITIVE now girls!

What have you learnt?

*Have a positive mind ✓
*Don't compare yourself to others ✓
*I'm me and only ME can be me. ✓
*I can succeed if I try ✓
*I'm not what the others say I am ✓
*Negativity is a bad thing ✓
*Always think about the positives and not the negatives ✓

If you can tick them all then Well Done! :) 
I can feel the positive feels already! If you found this post helpful or want me to talk about another topic related to this kind of post please do not hesitate to ask me, I will be more than welcome to! We are all here for each other and I will always support you through anything.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and remain positive throughout! I'll see you in my next post!

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