10 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hey Guys,

It's finally official! The Christmas tree has finally been put up! So in this post I thought I would show you the tree and my dresser that I decorate every season, with my winter season themed dresser I try to keep it low key with Christmas, that way all I have to do is put the small Christmas Tree away and still have all the cute snow flakes out and it looks cute and wintry!

My Christmas Tree this year looks like this (photo below). I'm the tree decorator in my family, dad puts the tree up and puts the lights around the tree and then I step in with all the decorations. When I decorate a tree I'm not someone who puts a decoration here or there, I like to take the red and the green and maybe a few gold decorations and hang them anywhere on the tree. I think this way it looks cuter and more Christmassy.

As for my dresser,

It's fairly similar to last years dresser. I've kept the winter scenery photo, the snow flakes and of course the small silver Christmas Tree (which is now on the shelf above the dresser.) If you saw last years post then you will know that my room had just been decorated, so I didn't have any shelves to put random bits on. Now I have two shelves, and one shelf has one proudly hung poster of a signed Tiffany Alvord poster!! But yeah, it has my Christmas Tree and my little block calendar on it and a few Christmas cards that I have received this year.
Hanging from my shelf, I made a mitten garland. Which I shall create as a DIY very soon for you! I also have a polar bear hanging from my shelf as well...that's a sponge...from The Body Shop. I thought it was too cute to be used as a sponge so I stuck it on my shelf! My mum also thought it would be funny to stick a random bauble on one of my pins on my cork board, but I kept it because why not? It's Christmas!
I also kept the snow flakes the same.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I've got a lot planned this Christmas, from beauty, to what I'm reading and nonsense like that. I can't wait to share it all with you guys.
I hope you have a fantastic week, and I'll see you in my next post!

Are you excited for Christmas?!

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