28 December 2014

Boxing Day Sales - Best Buys

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe it's already over, it's already been 3 days! Time is flying by! So everyone knows that after Christmas comes the Boxing Day sales, which me and my family never go on Boxing Day, we tend to go on the 27th. So I thought I would make a post sharing with you what I bought.

For the Boxing Day sales we like to travel to Canterbury again, we go before Christmas and after Christmas. I wasn't too sure about going here as it was really cold and wintry so walking through the town of Canterbury would be cold, so I wanted to go to my favourite shopping mall, Bluewater, because I thought I would get more things! However, from what I got in Canterbury and from what people were saying about Bluewater, I was glad that I went to Canterbury in the end! 

So in Canterbury I got: 

These boots admittedly weren't in the sales but I thought they were cute and they were the last ones in my size! They are from New Look for £27.99

This infinity scarf/snood was in the New Look sale for £5.00! It was £5.99 originally. 

I got this 'going out' purse from Next for £7.00 and originally it was £14.00. I really liked the purse I bought in Salon International and wanted something similar to go out with, so I found this! 

I actually love this top. It's slightly Christmassy but more Wintry but I just loved the fact that it said 'Bad Hair Day' on it, seeing as I am a hairdresser and I just thought it was funny. I got this in Next for £6.00, originally it was £12.00.

These pjs are the cutest things I've ever seen! And they are going to be my Winter pjs this year! I got these in Next as a two piece set for £16.00, they were originally £32.00! So glad I managed to find my size in these!

I saw this before Christmas but didn't acknowledge it as much as I did in the sales. I got this from Next for £6.00 when originally it was £15.00! The cutest thing about this t-shirt is the back of it! 

Lastly I bought the Taylor perfume by Taylor Swift in Boots for £14.99. It wasn't really in the sales but it was in the clearance section!

I got more than I expected and some of the things I bought are from Christmas this year, so at least I'm prepared for Christmas 2015 haha! I enjoyed the Boxing Day Sales and I hope you did to! I'm seeing Disney On Ice tomorrow! I can't wait! Enjoy the last few days of 2014 and I'll see you in my next post! 

What did you buy in the Sales? 

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