16 December 2014

10 Christmas Gifts Under £10!

Hey Guys,

As it's only 9 days to go until Christmas, I thought I would share a post with you with gifts that I found under £10.00 and one sneaky gift that is £11.00, so if you are stuck with what to buy people for Christmas whether it is just a small gift or Secret Santa or even if you are stuck on what to put in Stockings then I hope this post can help you.

I found these items online but you can also find them in shops as well. 

1.) Jingle Sleigh - £8.00 - The Body Shop
A great gift for those who love a great smelling Shower Gel!
2.) Pajama Shorts - £5.50 - New Look
Cute little floral pajama shorts for those lazy days
3.) Snood - £7.99 - New Look
Keeping warm in winter has to come with style, so a cute Snood will do the trick!
4.) Socks - £9.99 - Superdrug
The same goes for socks!
5.) Models Own Nail Polish - £11.00 - Superdrug
A nail set of many colours by a good nail brand to keep you nails colourful all year round
6.) Bath Fizz - £1.00 - Superdrug
It's Winter. It's cold. Relax with a Bath Fizz.
7.) Eye Mask - £5.00 - Claire's Accessories
Keep being disturbed while sleeping? Cute penguin saves the night!
8.) Vanilla Treat Box - £7.00 - The Body Shop
Treat someone to a nice Vanilla scented treat box this Christmas 
9.) Zoella Mist Spray - £8.00 - Superdrug
Zoella's beauty range is perfect for any stocking filler and especially the Mist Spray. 
10.) Simple Bag - £5.50 - Superdrug 
Treat someone to a nice facial moisturiser and wipes by Simple 

I hope you found ideas of what to give this Christmas from this post. It's only a few ideas and this is the first time I've done this sort of post so I might do more in the future for Valentines and all that. 
I'd also like to say thank you! I've finally reached 100 followers! It's actually made me so happy that I've actually reached this number! So thank you for making this happen, I couldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you! :) 
I'll see you in my next post 

What are you hoping for Christmas?

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