9 November 2014

My Birthday

Hey Guys,

So it was my 19th Birthday yesterday! (8th of November)  And I thought why not share with you what I got for my birthday and what I did!

So the day before my birthday (7th of November) I went shopping with my best friend. I wasn't actually allowed to buy anything just in case I got something that I was getting for my birthday, but I was in Forever 21 and I found this Cat Vest Top for £10 and I couldn't help my self and had to buy it! It's just so cute. 

The next day was my 19th birthday (8th of November) I was like a little kid at Christmas when I saw the dining room table literally covered in all of my presents. I didn't even know where to start!

Detail on front of dress

I opened my presents in the morning and got a lot of clothes! Mainly from New Look and Forever 21. My sister got me a Frozen T-shirt and I love it! I've kept hangers for many years so the t-shirts are hanging on random hangers so they aren't from where the hanger says it's from! 
But anyway, towards the evening, as a family, we went up to Bluewater, which is a local shopping centre, and did a bit of birthday shopping and had a meal out. I got a few things more for my birthday such as... 

*A few bits from The Body Shop from their 2014 Christmas Collection 
*A few products and make up bag from Zoella's Collection from Superdrug
*A walking balloon! It actually walks! He reminds me of the John Lewis Advert! 
*Sven teddy from the Disney Store 

Just a few random things! Then we went to our favourite family restaurant called Cafe Rouge. We had a starter meal, a main course meal and my birthday cake, which of course had to be Frozen! I enjoyed my birthday meal out with my family, having a laugh and creating more memories together. 

For my birthday outfit I wore my new Boots and the Rose Jumper. I also got a pair of black jean trousers which I haven't featured in my post because I couldn't find them? Which is odd, but I wore those as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it! I have so much more to come for you guys, thank you for the support! 

I'll see you in my next post

Did you go to a firework display this week?


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