13 October 2014

Salon International 2014

Hey Guys,

As you may already know, I am currently studying my third year of hairdressing. Today my College took us on a trip up to ExCel London to Salon International 2014. I've been going to Salon International since 2012 so I'm pretty familiar with it and knew what to expect.

It was a fairly rainy day today, but turning up at College and getting straight onto the bus, getting stuck in a bit of traffic and pretty much parking up in the inside coach parking area that lead straight to the entrance wasn't too bad. I managed not to get wet, so I was happy about that!

Before going to Salon International it's hard to know how much money to take with you. I haven't been to Salon International on the Saturday or the Sunday so I don't really know what their price range is but what I do know is that if you go on the Monday, as it's their last day and they want to get rid of their items, everything is discounted by a lot!

Whilst I was walking around I managed to capture these photos. I was carrying A LOT of bags and my arms were hurting so much so I didn't take many photos but I did like the Tangle Teezer car they had on their show!

 So as I was walking around I managed to buy;

Purse - £10

Purple Zebra Print Scissors and Thinning Scissors
Patterned Apron

Ashley by Ashley Roberts

Forever Young
Peter Andre Perfume 
Peter Andre Perfume
 These 3 perfume cost me just £20!

Sample Argan Oil 

 I think I did quite well today considering everything was discounted and I got free samples of Argan Oil! And I love the perfume as well! I didn't need anymore hair equipment, only an apron to wear which I bought the transparent patterned one and the scissors were discounted to £25 so I couldn't leave without buying them! I really hope that this isn't the last time I will be going to Salon International as I always enjoy going every year but as I am studying my last year I don't think I'll be able to go next year which is a shame.

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you were at Salon International 2014 then I hope you enjoyed it as well! I have much more to come this month so follow me so you can be the first to know about it!

See you in my next post!


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