30 October 2014

October Favourites 2014

Hey Guys,

It's that time of month again! The time when I share with you all the products and all sorts I've been using throughout the whole month. My last monthly favourite post for September I had a problem with the lighting due to the fact that I was coming home late and the lighting wasn't good enough, however I am currently on half term from College so everything is okay now! It even gives me more time to come up with ideas and it also makes me more active more!
But anyway, on to my monthly favourites!

For this month these are my monthly favourites:

So to start with 

I've mentioned this NYC Big Bold Volume Lash Mascara many times in my blog before. It has appeared in my December 2013 and August 2014 favourites and its now again appearing in my October favourites and I still love it for the same reasons, I'd be doomed if they discontinued this mascara! It's still in Superdrug for £3.99

I've always used this powder from the Seventeen Collection in Boots and was £3.99. Now I don't know about you but personally I think powder is the most annoying form of make up, but don't get me wrong this powder is definitely a long lasting powder and I love it but it just crumbles into little pieces and when you try and pick them up off the floor or off of yourself they just make even more of a mess! I tried changing to a Rimmel London powder because they didn't have my colour powder last time I went into boots and although the powder didn't actually crumble I found that the lid just kept cracking and then braking so I eventually didn't have a lid for the powder. So from now on I am definitely sticking to my Seventeen powder! 

Funny enough I actually got this in my stocking last Christmas! I've been using it since then and I still have some of it left considering its a travel size bottle! I use this mostly at college. It smells so nice and I feel like it really cleanses my hands. You can find this Soap and Glory Hand Gel in Boots for £2.50.

This is definitely another product that keeps appearing in my monthly favourites! I mentioned this moisturiser in my August favourites. So during the month of October I've experienced my face getting a lot drier, I wasn't using the Good Things Manuka Honey Moisturiser for sometime so I thought I would start using it again this month and it has helped a lot! It's still available in Boots for £7.99

This is the Vaseline Healthy Hands + Stronger Nails hand cream. I got this is in Superdrug reduced from £3.49 to £1.73. Being a hairdresser my hands are always in contact with water so they tend to get dry really easily and when I saw this in Superdrug I thought I should buy the hand cream to prevent my hands from getting dry. This hand cream smells so nice and leaves my hands feeling soft and I've definitely noticed that my nails are stronger! Definitely will purchase again and this will probably appear in another monthly favourite no doubt! 

I can't go anywhere without lip balm! I have about 3 bags with 3 different types of the Babylips lip balms. That way with what ever bag I take I will always have some sort of lip balm on me all the time. However this month in my College bag I've been using this Babylips Pink Punch all month. It really moisturises your lips and gives your lips a light pink tint which was a bit of a shock at first but now I've grown to liking the shade of pink. I got this a Superdrug for £2.99.

This obsession doesn't stop, and since my NYC Nail polish collection post in May I've probably added about 13 more to it! I can't help my self. This is a pastel grey colour that is 365 Velvet Chic. I got this in Superdrug for £1.79. It's like an Autumn grey so I really like this colour. Though it's not my Autumn colour for this Autumn, so keep an eye out for my Autumn colour post that I plan to post soon!

And that's it for my October 2014 monthly favourites. You can tell where I shop most for most of my products but some shops only sell that sort of brand. So let's see what November will bring us.

It's my birthday on the 8th of November so there will be a few birthday related posts or so. Stick around for tomorrow's Halloween final nail art post! I had so much fun creating it and I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Here's a sneak peak from tomorrow's post! 

See you then!

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