31 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art #3

Happy Halloween Guys!

I got a bit creative with the final Halloween nail art! I basically did a Pumpkin, a Vampire, Frankenstein, Eyes in the dark and a Ghost for this nail design and it's all so easy to do. And if you want you can use one of the designs I've done and make it your own! I really love my Frankenstein design so you could paint all your nails green and on your ring finger paint Frankenstein, how cute would that look! You can do the same for any of the others as well.

How I did it:

I used:
*Base Coat
*Orange Nail Polish
*Black Nail Polish
*White Nail Polish
*Green Nail Polish
*Top Coat
*Dotting Tool

1.) So like I always do I cleaned my nails and filed them to the shape I wanted before applying a base coat. I then painted my nails like this to indicate where each design would be. I left my ring finger clear because I had another idea in mind but then I thought the spooky eyes would be quite cute so you can go ahead and paint your finger black.

2.) I then started with the pumpkin. To do the pumpkin I used my dotting tool and black nail polish to draw two triangles for the eyes and then drew the shape for the mouth. You can do what ever shape you like for the mouth, you might want a more scarier looking pumpkin or a cute looking pumpkin, it's completely up to you!

3.) I then created the Vampire. I should have maybe painted my finger black for this but it worked with the white as well! Just draw a triangle coming down from your cuticle and fill it in with black nail polish using either the nail brush or dotting tool. I then dotted to black eyes using one side of the dotting tool and then used white nail polish with the other side to dot smaller dots to make the eyes look more defined.

4.) Next I did Frankenstein. He's my favourite of this design and he surprised me in a way. I used my dotting tool and black nail polish to create jagged lines for the hair and filled in any gaps if necessary, I then drew a line across the middle of my finger with the same dotting tool and nail polish and then dotted two eyes below the line. Then like I did with the Vampires eyes, I used the other side of the dotting tool and using white nail polish I dotted on the two black dots to make the eyes stand out more. What amazed me about this though is for some reason the eyes gradually started to turn yellow a few hours after completing the design, I don't know how but I think it made it look really effective and a bit more spooky!

 5.) I had something else in mind for this finger but once I got to doing this finger I had this crazy idea of doing spooky eyes in the dark and I thought it would look cute and it was so easy to do! It's exactly the same as the Vampire and Frankenstein eyes only this time you dot the bigger dots with the white nail polish and then dot the smaller dots with the black nail polish. Easy!

6.) A scary ghost was for my little finger and it couldn't look any cuter! A majority of the designs have the same eyes so I dotted the eyes the same. I then basically dotted a small dot in the center for the mouth and dragged it slightly creating a spooky mouth! 

7.) I then applied a top coat to all my nails as this makes the design last longer and avoids chipping.

And there you have it! A very spooky Halloween nail art and also the final Halloween nail art of 2014! Where has the time gone!? I'm not really one for Halloween which is why I've lacked a bit on the stuff for Halloween, but yesterday me and my family carved our pumpkins for the first time which I shall include in tomorrows post so stick around for that! 

I hope you have a very spooky and safe Halloween! 
See you in my next post! 

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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