16 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art #1

Hey Guys,

So I have finally grown back my nails to a suitable length and I can now do nail art again. This is a great time as well because it's nearly Halloween soon, so what a great time to start Halloween nail art. 
I didn't want to start Halloween nail art now as it's only the 16th so I called this 'Pre Halloween' nail art. I love the fact that it gives a grungey feel when you look at your nails, it's like you have a black liquid dripping down your nails and it honestly looks so cute! And again, it's so easy to do! I'm going to try this with other colour and maybe around Halloween make it look like actual blood! I'm so excited!

This is what they look like

How I did this: 

I used:
*Black Nail Polish
*Grey Nail Polish
*Matte Top Coat (optional)
*A Pink Dotting Tool 

1.) So after cleaning my nails and filing them to the shape I wanted I painted all of my nails grey.

2.) After they have dried I painted the tip of my nail black. You can create this line either using the nail polish brush or the dotting tool, which ever one you find easiest. It only has to be a small line. 

3.) Once you have done that you can then move on to drawing the squiggly lines. You can do this how ever you want, big or small, I did mine all sorts of sizes and even joined a few together to make bigger drops. It doesn't matter if you mess it up either! I accidentally smudged one of my fingers and it actually made it look more effective! Not every drop is the same anyway so don't worry. 

4.) I used a matted top coat on my nails to sill the design, but you can use a shiny top coat. 

And there you have it! A 'Pre Halloween' nail art design! Something to get you into the Halloween spirit early! And it's so quick and easy to do! 

I'll be doing more Halloween nail art designs and I'll be numbering them, so keep an eye out for them! This is the 1st one! Make sure you follow me on Instagram @jessicarachelxo for more updates and sneaky previews of nail art designs before I upload them to my blog! If you try this then be sure to tag me so I can give it a like! 

See you in my next post! 

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