2 October 2014

Autumn Room Inspiration

Hey Guys,

Back in December last year I made a post where I transformed my dresser area from an Autumn theme into a Winter theme. You may have already seen a few 'sneak peeks' of my Summer theme that popped up in a few of my photos in other posts and I never got a chance to post the Spring theme or even the Summer theme one saying that, but today I thought I would do a post on my little area for you all and hopefully give you some inspiration as this is quite good for a Uni desk space area or where ever you want to do this in your bedroom!

It's fairly straight forward to do as it requires just printing and cutting out things. If you look at my December post you'll see that I've changed this area a lot! I now have two new shelves and I also found a cork board laying round the house so I thought I would put it to good use. I tend to change this area a lot as it gets fairly cluttered so I end up moving them onto the shelf above or in one of the dresser draws so by the time we get to the Winter theme you probably will end up seeing something new or something has changed! Haha.

This is how I created it:

Nothing really has changed from last years Autumn theme. I kept the same leaves in the draw that I printed out and I also kept the same photo because I still think it looks cute, but you can look on the internet for any type of leaves you want and print off any Autumn scenery you like to make it more you.
The thing that is different as you already know, is my Cork Board. You can purchase one from your nearest local store or if you already have one then that's even better! So basically I literally pin up reminders or cute photos that I find around. I even have the only photo we managed to keep of the cat we had when I was 8 years old! But anyway, I've basically made a calendar that I pin up every month and follow it through, it's a really good way to be organized! Normally I would buy calendars like the One Direction ones and wouldn't even use it, but I used Microsoft Publisher and chose of their calendar layouts and decorated how I wanted it to look. If you wish to do the same then it's a great way to get creative and organized! I started the whole calendar printing at the beginning of September because I found the cutest 2015 calendar that I will show later on in the future, and I got so excited to use it that I started making similar ones to prepare my self for the new one!

This is a little close up of my area. I used the mug that I got for Christmas to store my Sharpies! I still can't believe all 24 fit in there.
For the Cork Board, you can use any sort of pins you like, just pop to your nearest stationary store or supermarket to purchase some. I got mine at Morrisons for like 50p, though I have found cute animal ones around in different shops! But it's up to you what you want to purchase. I also keep a pack of post-it notes underneath the calendar to remind my self to do something. It's always handy to have post-it notes for anything!

I hope you enjoyed this Autumn Theme post. Autumn is by far my all time favourite season so I'm so glad I'm back to this theme on my dresser. You can follow me on Instagram @JessicaRachelxo so you can keep updated and if you try this then be sure to let me know, I'd love to see how creative all of you are!

See you in my next post!


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